Guilt is just so Gay

So theres a topic that has been on my mind for quite some time. The ever so growing amount of white kids I hear saying that they have white guilt. And not just a little bit a lotta bit. I’ve been sitting on this for awhile. Thinking it through. Gathering my thoughts. I don’t know if I’ve arrived on what translates at the clearest opinion or interpretation, but this is my blog after all. And I writes how I speaks. So here goes:

My parents are white, I on the other hand am black. You better believe that white privilege and race have played a monumental part of my life. My parents never sat down and told me that they were in fact harboring feelings of guilt. They never told me that I would be at a handicap when entering the real world. They educated me on my past, on slavery and the Civil Rights Movement. I learned about Apartheid, the horrors of what blacks had been through in the past century. On top of that I learned about my parents ancestors, immigrants that had to escape Russia, Jews that had to escape Hitler. I realized that we all have a cultural handicap. Skin color is just the most visible. And than I realized that this so called handicap was only a true handicap in the minds of those too afraid to push past it.
Pity never got anyone anywhere. White privilege exists in America. Every black person who has ever lived in this country knows this. But white people acknowledging it isn’t doing anything. Either take charge/take a stand or keep it to yourself, because no black person wants to hear about your guilt. I’m glad that white people are beginning to realize that certain aspects of their life are easier solely based on the color of their skin. But your not getting a pat on the back from this kid. Especially as you move into black neighborhoods and have no respect for those who lived there before you. Here’s looking at you Brooklyn.

I am a black Jewish gender queer with an Italian stepfather and an English Jamaican evil stepmother. My birth parents were from Louisiana, no doubt the descendants of slaves. Your guilt is lost on me.

Ok let’s all breathe for a second. Take a few. Run a lap. Collect.  Actually. Lets take a happy video pause, currently loving every fun moment of this:


Now someone who has seriously been grinding my gears is this douche bag:

Taylor the Creator = Asshole.

Really? You aren’t artistic because you see irony in calling someone a fag or talking about raping women because in fact its not how you feel about woman or gays at all its just that you are so knowing and so worldly that you can rap about things and its suddenly ok because you’re creating. You actually have TONS of gay friends and love women so much so that you ignored all of the hoe’s asking to be your VMA date and brought your mom. Wait what’s that smell? Oh hot blazing bull shit? So its ok to pretend to be a homophobe and abuser if your just pretending? During his acceptance speech Taylor had  the nerve to reach out to “the kids”. Seriously dude? Its been done. Its not funny. Its not new. You can’t really be a creator if what your creating has already been created. Emenem was huge when we were all kids. What did ya think we’d forget?  Certain things just don’t seem that funny when kids across the country are being killed due to the fact that they’re GLBT. How dare someone in the public light directly address these youth and rap about such hate? Adults may get or even appreciate the so called irony. But kids? Kids take what they hear to heart.
Oh but there’s a lesbian in his crew. So I mean clearly with one of his friends being a big ol Lez Taylor is showing that he’s totally ok with the gay community right? Hm I’m reaching here buuuut a chick who hangs out with a crew of dudes that bash women and publicly call out lesbian musicians is probably going through some form of gender confusion or hate and is not exactly a role model for lesbians in the rap game. She’s sounding like the fucking prototype of a female chauvinist pig. You know who a girl like that would probably love the poop out of? Camille Pagilla. She hates that whole feminist movement mumbo jumbo too.

Tegan and Sara had some words to say:

No genre is without its controversial and offensive characters- I’m not naive. I’ve asked myself a thousand times why this is pushing me over the edge. Maybe it’s the access to him (his grotesque twitter, etc). Maybe it’s because I’m a human being, both a girl and a lesbian. Maybe it’s because my mom has spent her whole adult life working with teenage girls who were victims of sexual assault. Maybe it’s because in this case I don’t think race or class actually has anything to do with his hateful message but has EVERYTHING to do with why everyone refuses to admonish him for that message.

It is not without great hesitation and hand wringing that I enter into the discourse about Tyler, the media who glorifies and excuses misogyny and homophobia, and the community of artists that doesn’t seem remotely bothered by it. I can only hope that someone reading this might be inspired to speak out. At the very least, I will know that my voice is on record.

To which the ever so brilliant Taylor responded via his twitter:
MTV wants to give Odd Future a VMA? I’d like to give them a fuck you.

Hate it or Love it the underdogs on top…remember that line? Remember that rapper? You know The Game. Well he’s making a few waves coming out as a supporter of ze gays:
“I think there are several rappers that are in the closet and gay, and see those are the type of gay people–the only type of gay people that I have a problem with”
Scooby say wha? A rapper coming out of the straight closet? Could it be? Well almost… The number one issue with that is that you can be fooling somebody and you could give them AIDS and they can die. So that in the closet (expletive) is real scary.” Gosh Game I was so ready to applaud you but than you had to go all AID’s is a gay thing. Well hate it or love it, its not. AID’s is a disease that affects us all. Whether or not you have HIV is irrelevant, the world is currently fighting this sickness as a whole not  just the gays.  I’ll still give you kudos for not being a homophobe in a world like rap where being one is not only ok but expected. The Game did introduce a new word into my vocab though instead of refering to in the closet rappers as gay he dubbed them “man fans”. I like it.

Speaking of being gay in the rap world there’s a new chick in town. Well actually if you haven’t heard of Kreyashawn yet you’re living under straight blanket somewhere in Kansas.


Did she just drop trapper keeper? IN A RAP?  

Bam skittles skippy I had one of those ok 10 but whose counting… 

I can not tell a lie I love Kreyashawn. Hood rat hipster from Oakland? Throw all the hate you would like. But when critics are so quick to point out that she’s a white girl and rap isn’t meant for her well aren’t we just being a bit hypocritical? I don’t believe anything in our country is solely one race specific. If Hootie and The Blowfish can be fronted by a black dude I see no reason why a white girl can’t rap her ass of, because guess what she can rap her ass off. AND she isn’t hating on other female rappers. And she directs her own as well as other rappers videos, went to college, and is an artist. Suck on that Taylor. That lovely strap on.

Alert. Alert.
MTV tries the gay thang …again
There’s an uber dyke on the Real World. Fucking god dammit she took my spot.
I’m kidding…mostly. But in other news who still watches The Real World?…

yawwwnnn someone looks suspiciously like Danny who famously DIDN’T win A Shot at Love Love.  #bringbacktilatequila





would complain about how of course MTV got a hot ass butch lesbian who looks like a 15 year old boy. Pause. I’ve renamed all such lesbians Peter Pan Dykes. Play. to play the token lesbo but I mean its better than no gay.

This is the story of 6 strangers and a Peter Pan dyke who find out what happens when straight girls start acting gay and guys get no action. The Real World!


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