Peace in War

Dealing with death helps us get the most out of life. For ten years millions of us have tried to understand what happened in Manhattan on the morning of September 11th. The events of that day marked the start of countless battles overseas, in which we have lost some of our youngest.
We fight from fear and for redemption and revenge. We so often lose touch with the faces of the casualties that these wars have left behind. Today is a day for many things. For reflection, for tears, for love and for many anger. The actions of our government have left many in this world angry at us. The ones who have to suffer are the innocent.
Be kind today. Be open to love. Your time here on Earth is a flash of light. On this day too many lives were cut short. And too many lives have been cut short in response to it.
Your freedom is not something that comes without sacrifice. Take note that people are dying to protect you. Take note that in hundreds of countries around the world freedom is simply not an option.
Whatever the government is doing to currently make us angry or to make us lose faith in Democracy remember that this country is filled with amazing people. That those around you can come together they can unite and take care of one another when they see it in there hearts to do what is in essence so easy, yet in practice so hard. And that is to love. To come together.
We saw in the weeks after September 11th how tragedy can bond people together. We saw that showing compassion, showing love was not something that the weak do. It takes strength to show vulnerability.
Hold this day in your heart forever. Along with the other tragic days that have marred our countries past.
In peace comes the ability to reflect without the feeling of revenge. Guns have failed us for so long, and with each new minute of scientific advance new weapons are created that will ultimately do nothing but create more anger, damage our planet and worse of all kill the innocent in attempts to kill evil.
We can not stop our governments or any others from thinking war is not the only and best solution. But we can as individuals choose to lead lives that promote acceptance and tolerance.
We are a nation so often divided. Today let us unite.


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