A Letter A Rant A Problem

Whenever things start to turn around. When rights are given to us that we have long since deserved. When public opinion slowly changes and gives way to acceptance and tolerance. Members of the group that have just been given this wonderful and glorious new chance at being “just like everyone else” go and fuck shit up. While I’m already mad at the hip hop community for propelling the use of words like fag and nigga and continuing to showcase women as trophies no more important than all of the bling, cars and drugs. Now, now hip hop had to deal me one more WHAT THE FUCK. We all know of Tyler the Creator and Odd Future. We’ve heard the raps degrading just about everyone. The music industry seems torn about whether to embrace this whole thing as a brilliant stroke of genius by a bunch of kids or calling it for what it is: a bunch of racist, homophobic, and sexist views put to dope beats and cloaked behind well dressed, (sometimes) well spoken and ultimately talented adolescents. Yes the talent is there. I don’t think that fact can be denied. But that talent does not take away from the message that is being broadcast.

There is no way in hell. NO way. That if Odd Future were a group of white kids the music world would be so open. The black hip hop community would flip the fuck out. Al Sharpton would have a press conference. Chris Brown would beat someone else up besides…ok you catch my drift. While Odd Future do not necessarily discriminate in their hate, they can only exist as a black crew. No white people will ever be added. You can mark my words. Because the minute a white MC steps onto the stage with Odd Future suddenly all of this wouldn’t seem so funny or creative. But what if a lesbian stepped up. O WAIT. O Future does have a lesbian MC. And guess the fuck what? She’s a misogynist fucking pig.

Syd the Kid. Syd the Kid. Syd the mother fucking Kid. You have to be kidding me. I get it, you hang with the boys. You like to fuck gorgeous girls just as much as they do. Ok cool. Up until right there I am a ok with your lifestyle. You would be just like thousands of other lesbians if it stopped right there. But I think you have forgotten that you do indeed pee sitting down. You are (as far as I know) a female identifying individual. Actually fuck that regardless of how you identify the fact is clear that you were born a female and you seem to not give two shits that everything you say and do are the actions that the gay and feminist community have been fighting so hard against for decades.

Here is her new video:

Queer. In the spotlight. Young queer in the spotlight. Young black queer in the spotlight. Young talented black queer in the spotlight. This is what you could bring to the table. You could show a community that hasn’t shown the best respect to the GLBT world that you were standing up. That you were being a voice to so many that have to remain silent. That you were going to play with the boys but stick to your own rules and hold the queer movement up. Why did you have to fuck this up?

Maybe you do identify as transgender. Maybe deep down inside you have always felt like a guy. Thats fine. But you know what. You aren’t a man. You are not presenting yourself to society as one. Instead you come off as a self hating female. You talk about bitches yet you are one. You are attempting to play a boys game but you are failing because it isn’t your game to play. Can there be strong female rappers? Yes. Can there be strong tran’s rappers and queer rappers yes of course there can be, and god I welcome a world where I can listen to musical acts coming from every end of the gender and sexuality spectrum. These “different” people have to enter a world where they are going to be seen as outsiders. Where they are going to have to fight tooth and nail for what credit a lot of male artists would get off the bat. Maybe you’re lazy. Maybe you don’t want to deal with the backlash so many female artists face from the industry. You seem to think by banning with a bunch of arrogant, ignorant, male assholes that you have made it. Guess what? You haven’t.

Maybe this is all from fear. We take the easy road so many times in life because we are afraid of what people will think or say if we do something so against the grain that it is recognized as “normal”. If you are an artist Syd the way you say you are, why don’t you look inside and work it out? Create. Learn. Gain something from seeing what life is like in the black community as a gay person and wanting to change people’s perspectives. In the meantime you are doing nothing more than taking a community down with you. As your gigs roll in look at the crowds you are playing to. Look at the people coming up to you after the shows. Get back to me and let me know how many GLBT groups are praising you for what you’re doing. Tyler and Odd Future may be cool with you. But how about the community you belong to? Or how about this. When you’re at a gig and the boys all go decide to take a leak and enter the mens bathroom, when that door closes in your face. In that moment. Don’t you realize that you are indeed, different?

We fight and we fight.
We will continue to fight.
And hopefully you Syd the Kid will grow the fuck up.


3 thoughts on “A Letter A Rant A Problem”

  1. Leave syd alone man….i’m also a lesbian that is a big fan of odd future….syd is not a rapper she’s a singer/mixer/dj/producer….this is a young group that likes to be free and have fun….people are always picking on odd future for their lyrics but no one goes in on these fake ass mainstream artists that disrespect women or lie about how they live their lives….got all the young blacks idolizing money, drugs, and power….would you get mad at your friend for calling women bitches in a song while women in fact refer to themselves as bitches on an everyday basis because they have excepted the word from so many other artists…its not their fault its the ones that came before them….

    1. I won’t “leave her alone”. Ignorance coming from any side is ignorance that I can not take. It isn’t funny to me. And it actually shows a lack of creativity. It has been done before. Those who are true creators do what has not been done. If you keep redoing and recreating what others have already done before you it shows me that you lack creative prowess. When you are gay and bashing your community its also shows me that you’re a fucking idiot. I am not the media and therefore can not tell the world that they should not listen to assholes like Chris Brown. But I choose not to. I do get mad at my friends for using any terms that disrespect women. Lesbians often think that because they are girls they can say extremely machismo things to other women. It is unacceptable. I can feel my IQ lower as I listen to someone like Syd. She had a chance to represent. She failed. And the media has taken notice. Note that you will never see her at any gay award shows, or hear ANYONE in the gay mainstream hype what she has done.

      I have left her alone. As it seems most of the music world has as well. Frank Ocean talks about his bisexuality openly and look how far it has gotten him. Clearly not all of Odd Future feel the need to spew hate about who they are. And he clearly has achieved the most success. Think about that.

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