Straight in the Streets Lez in the Sheets?

So we all have that lesbian moment when we spot a girl who takes our breathe away and than alas you see her link hands with her boyfriend. #lesbianproblems. And than there’s the girl you see possibly even flirt with and than she goes all “yeah I’m totally straight” on you, and you’re like no boo, no you’re not. They exist in Hollywood too, celebs who on the street you would TOTALLY think were gay. Some of these ladies totally are *closet* and some shockingly are totally straight.

Detective Benson. Detective Benson. Ms. Benson. The way you handle that gun. The way you handled Elliot all those seasons. That hair…yous a lil gay.

Ok so. I think. We can all safely say. Missie. Is. A. Homo. Don’t even try and debate me on this. I have years of video to dispute the hell out of your theory. But. She hasn’t come out. Therefore she’s on this list.

O Ellen Paige you so cute. O Ellen Paige you kinda lesbianic. Lets be honest. And I am kind of crushing. So you know if you do ever want to make it official. The contact info is all here.

The Queen herself. Jennifer Beals got her start as a dancer…WELDER in Flashdance. Welder. Bette. That is all.

Like a boy eh? Or…like a lesbian?

Rumor has it that both her and Will are gay. Rumor has it. I believe it.

Maybe it’s because I’ve had a serious crush on Eve since I was in middle school. Maybe it’s the bear paws on boobs. Maybe its the fact that she’s gorgeous. Maybe this is all just wishful thinking. But come on. You’ve totally maybe suspected Eve was just a tad bit weensy bit gay. Maybe.

So I thought Robyn was gay. The internet told me differently. My b. Love you boo.

Aight all jokes aside. Shane. Kate.I would like to (we) would like to ask you to kindly come out. I believe that everyone should be entitled to their private personal lives. But when you are a celebrity who has played such an iconic lesbian role. I do feel like you owe it to all of the kids coming out; girls watching The L Word in bumfuck back woods America. I do think you owe them the visual of seeing one of their icons be out of the closet and ok with it. You don’t have to go all Ellen on us. But noting the fact that you are not ashamed of who you are and that you fully embrace your sexuality is a message that needs to be broadcast. Young lezzies need to know that they shouldn’t have anything to fear. Plus I mean come on. You were Shane. SHANE. We accepted and still love you after playing one of the douchiest characters ever. You can come out now.

Anyone else?


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