It Needs to Get Better

Bullying does not discriminate. We all can remember how horrible elementary and middle school were. How absolutely horrible our peers could be. Bully’s don’t exactly go away, they just grow up and take roles in society that allow them to keep format with their asshole personalities. As adults we can take the pressure. But remember how hopeless we felt as kids. How one person’s loud mouth can turn an entire school against you; and for eight hours out of everyday you are subject to remarks that many adults could not handle.

How can we make it so the word gay is not used as a gun. So that it is not fired out of the mouths of inconsiderate youth? There are more gay characters on t.v. than ever before, gay visibility is at an all time high. Prejudice is not caught like a cold. It is taught. Younger generations will never stand a chance at squashing out intolerance if older generations do not realize that their beliefs on race and the LGBT community are not only outdated but wrong. Wrong not even being a justifiable word.

Kids will not always be nice. That is undeniable. But there is a stark difference between locker room banter and all out hate. The internet has made growing up harder than ever. Rumors could spread fast enough without the aid of text messages. Word of mouth has always been quick. But word of mouth can only reach so many, when Twitter and Facebook get behind that train. It is essentially over. One voice can not stand out against an entire school. One voice can not compete with dozens of bullies posting and reposting online words of hate and violence. For the child being bullied there is no escape.

Cutting in the 1st grade? At an age where most of us were playing house and thinking we could fly this kid was inflicting himself with the pain he was being hit with on a daily basis. The only thing that comes to my mind is WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE ADULTS? His parents are absolutely not to blame for the fact that their son was being tormented, but anyone cutting at such a young age needs to be helped. If my child was being terrorized to the point that they saw no other choice but to harm themselves I would be on the phone to every form of administration possible.

Sex Education isn’t usually taught until high school and I won’t argue whether that is too late or too early but children should be shown lifestyle models other than the hetero norm. Not just taught of a mommy and a daddy, but of a daddy and a daddy, of two mothers. Gay families are not going away. And with the legislation constantly being passed in our favor of achieving rights that we should NEVER have been denied WE simply can not be ignored. It took this country more than a century to give black people the rights we deserved, and still today racism is prevalent. I do not expect to wake up tomorrow and suddenly have the entire country completely ok with who I am. Personally I don’t give a fuck if someone isn’t ok with who I choose to sleep with or how I choose to dress. But this way of thinking has taken years. This hold on my gender and sexuality has taken the support of others, and constant education. I did not have the same hold on my person when I was 14. None of us did. Growing up children need support. We all come different. There is no ideal or perfect make or model. We all deserve a fair shot at growing up, a fair shot at life. To be denied that right is not only disturbing and unsettling but it is disgusting. It is disgusting to me that someone has to wake up every morning and dread their day. That they have to constantly watch their back. That they have to constantly hear snickers; words of hate.

In every recent case of gay suicide, everyone knew that the individual was having a hard time. What the fuck happened to school counselors? What happened to teachers and administration stepping in? How many kids have to kill themselves before someone takes notice? And by notice I don’t just mean stories on the news and a few candle light vigils and Facebook tribute pages. I mean actual changes in curriculum. Changes that show gay life next to straight life, integrated with straight life. Can we throw out those words now? Straight. Gay.

I am a person. You are a person. Who we sleep with does not make us better or worse. Who we are, what we do, our talents and capabilities THAT is what we should all be based on. Forget judgement. No one can ever truly know what someone else has ever gone through and why it has shaped them into the person they have become. Right now though? Right now we are cutting kids off before they can even become anything. They are ending their lives before they ever even got a chance.

A generation needs to wake the fuck up and for the most part it isn’t ours.


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