75 Things Lesbians Say:

1. I played softball in college.

2. My cat…

3. I’m not really into relationships right now.

4. O sooo you’re a dog person.

5. She’s such a Shane.

6. I just want a GIRLFRIEND.

7. I’ve been a vegetarian for a few months now.

8. Is she my type?

9. What. Is. She. Doing. Here?

10. Too butch.

11. Shes slept over like 4x this week…
Its not that serious.

12. What’s your sign?

13. She’s such an Alice.

14. Community.

15. Heteronormative.

16. Such a top.

17. Yeah we’re not compatible.

18. I don’t know why I keep sleeping with her.

19. Total Deb.

20. …she just started crying.

21. What’s your major?

22. Remember that one time on The L Word?

23. Its like no one knows I’m gay.

24. I’m a gender studies major.

25. Its like that Sylvia Plath quote.

26. I can’t stop thinking about her.

27. Have you seen that cat meme?

28. Did you read that thing on Autostraddle?

29. Totally moving to L.A.

30. Why am I still single yet that bitch has a girlfriend?

31. She totally looks like Teagan.

32. I think I’m going to cut my hair.

33. Gender binary.

34. Wait, isn’t she straight?

35. I’m totally going to quit.

36. So, I’m going vegan.

37. My womans study professor said:

38. Its organic right?

39. My tumblr…

40. She’s not cuter than me right?

41. Ok I know I shouldn’t but I miss her.

42. Do your parents know?

43. I’m working on this new project.

44. …if this gay guy doesn’t stop hitting on me.

45. Idk shit just got really weird.

46. Remember, that one time in P Town?

47. I didn’t realize she was your ex.

48. No not that Meg.

49. Its complicated.

50. I really need to stop drinking.

51. I mean we can still be friends.

52. My bike…

53. I deleted her number.

54. She’s totally the one.

55. Did you read your horoscope first?

56. I see her EVERYWHERE.

57. Everyone there was like 40 and up.

58. Can we get a cat?

59. I have this awesome new recipe.

60. They could totally be sisters.

61. Oh! Her, yeah we’ve made out before.

62. No it’s cool go for it.

63. I play the guitar.

64. She added me on Facebook…

65. OMG its my OkCupid stalker.

66. For the record, I broke up with her.

67. Bro.

68. So is she more of a Carmen, Paige, or Molly.

69. Ok but if we invite her, ____ can’t come.

70. I own way too much plaid.

71. I’ve been out like every night this week.

72. Shit, we’re wearing the same thing.

73. I live in Brooklyn.

74. Yeah I don’t really go out in Manhattan.

75. Actually, we’re just going to stay in.


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