Political Gayhem

So gay people have cooties. If you rub up against enough homo’s you are going to catch the gay. It is that simple. Ok it isn’t but it is essentially what most of the GOP candidates would have you believe. The gay is so contagious that the thought of us living in barracks with straight people could only cause mayhem. Gayhem. We are of course supposed to forget how often in the military women are raped both those serving and those living near bases. But as usual, the gays are the problem. Only. The. Gays.

If Rick Santorum gets elected as president two things will occur 1. I will officially have no faith in American’s ability to not be idiots. 2. My passport and I shall be OUT.

Apparently if we pray hard enough our little problem can go away. Those who believe that being gay is a choice obviously co sign with the fact that a little Jesus juice can get your sexual preferences in check. The same way I can not wash away my skin color I sure as shit can not cure my gay. Yes I could pretend to be happy with a man. I could very well love him, but that does not mean that I am sexually attracted to him; that I am somehow magically happy in my new heternormative life.

Your religious beliefs have no place in my politics.

I do not understand why on Gods green Earth I am forced to listen to politicians in 2012 call being gay a personal problem and abortions murder. My stance on abortion is this: personally I hope that any mother faced with this decision looks to all other alternatives before going through with the procedure and afterwards is encouraged to go to some form of counseling to deal with the ordeal. The counseling should be tailored to each individual situation and each case should be treated on a personal level. Late term abortions should only be allowed to occur when a mother is in danger. I also feel that except in special cases (rape) underage females should have to have a parent or adult present to consent. Adoption should always be considered in my opinion when the mother is healthy but simply can not afford to keep her child, or doesn’t want it. Those are my ideal abortion clauses. But of course nothing is ideal, nor can you control a persons thought process. Bottom line abortion should be legal. Now about the gay:

I really really REALLY fucking wish that there was no “gay”. That people were simply sleeping and loving who they chose to and did not have to worry about the law telling them that their relationship meant any less due to gender. With that little wish said I know that the government will always GAY label us for the purpose of trying to show that we are different from the hetero world. Guess what? We aren’t. This is like beating a dead horse. I was born this way. I can not help it nor do I want to. The bible has a whole lot of backwards shit in it. Catholic candidates like to point to the fact it says being gay is a sin…but uhm…the bible doesn’t come out and say that forthright:

  • Jesus says nothing about same-sex behavior.
  • The Jewish prophets are silent about homosexuality.
  • Only six or seven of the Bible’s one million verses refer to same-sex behavior in any way — and none of these verses refer to homosexual orientation as it’s understood today. http://www.soulforce.org/article/homosexuality-bible-gay-christian

The bible does clearly state how it feels about women and people of color though. I’m just saying how can you bring certain clauses into the present day yet leave others in the past? The feminst movement happened. The civil rights movement happened. This is our time.

No matter what message the GOP would like to speak (hate) they can not ignore the ever growing acceptance of the gay community. Santorum likes to say that he has gay friends:

 …sure you do buddy, sure you do. I’m sure all of your gay friends just love to kick back and hear you say shit like this: 

Words. Can not. Even. Describe. The. Idiocy. So we have Santorum, Romney, Bachmann, Paul, Perry. They can’t all hate gays right?





…oh but wait, he is kinda racist. Damn just when I was seeing some hope.

The problem with this election, other than the complete fucking morons the Republican party has given us, is that Obama has been the most epic letdown ever. Like Lebron in Miami, shit just didn’t go according to plan. So who do we vote for? Obama obviously but with such little excitement its not even funny. I will legit being yawning as I enter New Yorks 1930’s style election booths. (no really if you haven’t voted here you don’t even understand I had to ask a whether or not I had voted) We need change in this country. With the huge upsurge of bullying and youth suicides that have been occurring over the past year we need someone in office who is going to stop at nothing to make sure the youngest generations of American’s are growing up in a country that embraces them. Beyond that we need for Obama to fix shit. What shit? The unemployment debacle that is going absolutely NOWHERE. The fact that college tuition has gotten utterly ridiculous. That Republican’s clearly want to start yet another war in the Middle East (Iran). And uhm that little problem known as our economy. I do not envy this guys job. But I am going to need him to make some serious strides in the next 4 years so that none of these idiots can come back in 2016 and win.


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