Welcome to Blue Ivy Island

I would really like to stop talking about the GOP. But Rick Santorum taught me something really important:

I had no idea gay people were concentrated in certain states. Thankfully I get to live in a gaytration known as Blue Ivy Island aka what I am now calling the island of Manhattan. Jayonce spent 1.3 million dolla bills so that Miss. Blue could have her own secure wing of Lenox Hill Hospital. Now people are angry that the King and Queen of the Universe closed off an entire wing of a hospital therefore cutting into other peoples well being..I mean…it’s not everyday a superhero baby is born. Plus its not like Beyonce could have delivered in a normal hospital room. I mean how many of us would have showed up with an “injury” just to catch a glimpse? Hell I would actually break something to see how dolled up her majesty looked while giving birth. You know her styling team was on hand.

…I wish I could be reborn as Nina Carter Knowles.

Please relish in the fact this baby is already featured in a song:



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