Guess I’m Going to Hell

I will make this very simple. If there is a God, and that God made me. If that God gave me will; will to love. Than that God will see my love for another woman to mean just as much as if I had been born straight and loved a man. That God will not punish me for pursuing healthy, happy and loving relationships. My government and the religious right seem to be the only things lagging. They are using God and religion as a crutch. I had no idea that love could cause fear. That my love for someone could generate hate. That it made me a second class citizen. I shouldn’t be shocked. This is a country after all who made blacks second to dogs. God forbid you are not born a white member of the upper class. Someone who swears by the bible and still not so candidly denounces blacks and other minorities. There are times when I am surrounded by like minded accepting people and I think “Fuck, we’ve made it.”  And than I turn on the news and hear about another teen suicide. Or I walk into a bar and get snickers for holding the hand of a white girl. America the Great indeed.

So let me ask you this: Are you angry? Do you get it? Do you understand that there is a serious force sweeping this country trying to make it so gays are worse than criminals? Last time I checked a felon has the right to marriage. I have committed absolutely no crimes. I have done nothing but followed whomever my heart has lead me to. For that, for that I have to worry that one day my spouse and I won’t be able to adopt? For that I have to live in fear that some kid turns on the news and sees an asshole like Santorum tell him that he is going to hell? And than decides that his life isn’t worth living? If my partner is in a coma one day I won’t have any say of what to do next? Because what? I don’t have a dick? Fuck that. FUCK YOU REPUBLICAN PARTY. FUCK YOU RELIGIOUS RIGHT. FUCK YOU . FUCK YOU. FUCK. YOU.

You know what if all of these “truth bearers” are the ones that are getting into heaven I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM. You live one life. And I will live this life loving. I will not spread messages of hate. And if that life process lands me in hell.

Well. Hell is where its at.


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