Canvas. This.

I want to walk down the street. In peace. But Nina you live in New York, that’s next to impossible. You know what? It would be totally and entirely possible if it wasn’t for one thing. What is that one thing you ask? Canvassers. I am about. To lose. My fucking mind. Poor college kids asking other poor college kids for money? This is a joke right? As if I have a spare _____ dollars to give to anyone monthly. Who da fuck? I honestly believe that some sort of law should be passed making it illegal for companies to assault individuals under the age of 25. There is nothing casual about a canvassers approach. They hunt you down. They follow you. BITCH I HAVE PLACES TO GO. Like work. To get a pay check, to pay for living in this ridiculously overpriced city. Rich people give to charities, the rest of us volunteer. Get. Out. Of. My. Face.


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