Get Busy Living…or at Least Start Doing Shit That May Ultimately Kill You

So how ya doin last January ever? Its 2012 did you forget? The end is a comin.I mean the fact that it snowed this weekend yet will be 50 degrees the next two days has to mean something right? All of my New Years Resolutions flopped horribly (I will never go vegan again sorry lesbian gods) so I have two goals for this year. 1. Get paid to blog (it.will.happen) 2. Live. You’re like well duh Nina you’ve been living for the past 22 years. No I’ve been breathing for the past 22 years. What I would like to get busy doing is a whole lot of living. You should probably join me. Here are a list of the things on my LIVING LIST. RSVP to my fun. My fun can be broken down quite easily Music. Food. Gay.If the three can somehow be combined well trifecta of AWESOME.

Music Music Music. I want to festival and concert it THE FUCK UP. The lineups this year are looking crazy awesome. Keeping it local with a festival that has never disappointed this kid :     The Bamboozle this year is offering up so fucking freshness. Yeah buddy where else can you see Skrillex and Bon Jovie? Jersey dreams can come true. So than of course there is South by Southwest and Coachella. Which have crazy rad lineups. But two things 1. Shit is hella expensive. 2. I don’t do camping + festivals. Now hear me out I love camping. I love music. But three days of moshing and going nuts in the pit and returning to my tent? Uh no thank you. That is another level of grime that I have not become ok with yet. Wait hold on. Pause.      Have you listened to this bitch yet? 


Heres a list of a bunch of festivals and awesome concerts coming up this year:

Food. Now if we want to talk about true love, food is my boo. Food is my Juliet. I love food the way Mariah Carey loves to break wine glasses at dinner parties…you know with her voice…skillz? Anyway I live in the city of munchies. And there are some crazy awesome events that go down throughout the year to feed the fuck out of me:

Now this is amazing. And gluttonous. And the Jew inside of me is all “DONT DO IT” buh uh drum roll pleasssseeeeee:  #thisisreal

I wait for one event all year long (ok besides PRIDE). This festival makes me love New York like no other. Ughhh my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Psh how did I ever think I could be a vegetarian. I give you the bestest: I kid you not this shit is epic. If you love BBQ and beer there really is no doubting that you need to attend this.

So I had no idea this festival took place until today, and I am now amped to go to Buffalo…yes that Buffalo. Hear me out this shit is the largest 2 day food festival in the US: Sounds fucking peachy to me. Road trip anyone?


I have also seriously been fiending for some very specific delicacies. They would be:

1. The Garbage plate: 

2. A few doggies from Ruts Hut JERSEY REPRESENT: 

3. My favorite bitch. The best bitch. The FAT Bitch: 

4. Don’t judge me buh uh: 

5. A slice of heaven Roc city: 

Remember that time I tried to be a vegetarian? If anyone feels like going on a little greasy food tour lemme know. We don’t have to tell anyone about it. I promise. Your grease secret is safe with me.

GAY. Hurray for the Gay! If you’re gay and you know it clap your hands. If you’re gayyyy and you know it and you really wanna show it by getting wasted beyond belief and waking up in some girls bed covered in Sharpie and glitter with a Coors Light between your legs CLAP YOUR HANDS! Are you ready? Lez. Go:

There is one event that takes a big ol poo on all other lesbian events that event is Dinah Shore. If you ever wanted to live out The L Word this is as close as you are going to get.

For us on the east coast, who are all college age and just want to get reckless on the cheap and cheap there is the monumental event known as P-Town. Make sure you have a designated buddy. Get your girls together and make team shirts. No you won’t be playing anything, you just want all the girls at the bar to know you came with the best crew. O and be ready to untag the shit out of your weekend.

This is a list of every PRIDE in the world. You can get laid. In. Every. Country. I mean, show your Pride. Duh.

Now beyond food, music, and being the best gay possible. I would also like to go skydiving. Get out of the country. Finish both of my tattoo sleeves. Learn more than 5 words of Spanish. And fall in love…with music, food and being gay of course. Obvi. Oh one last thing I would also like to stop behaving like such a token Queer you know like this: 


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