Got Milk? Does he?

After reading Food Inc. My perceptions of how food is handled, processed, meddled with…this list goes on and on. Anyway my perceptions were forever changed. America’s food industry is kinda sorta fucking nasty. And the foods that we put in our bodies seriously have a good chance of killing us. And not in the fun “omg I’m so full I may die way” in the actual funeral, mourning get down. So after doing my reading and basically learning the worst out of every food I eat I’m lost. What’s a carnivorous Jew to do?

This is really more of an openendedshitivebeenthinkingaboutbutdontknowhowtofixkindadeal. You know kind of like Healthcare and The Economy. Through this thought process I’ve realized that maybe I’m a greedy/lazy individual. How so? I love meat. Like really truly would all up and gay marry a steak. But if the meat isn’t organic the conditions that those cows were forced to live through and even worse the way that they were slaughtered is many times absolutely horrific. Yes many restaurants in the city are adopting “animal friendliest” habits, but I know well and good that my taco truck steak isn’t fucking grass fed. So do I deny myself the yum? I am conscious but I am ignoring. Gosh isn’t that the case with so many things in this life?

We are all conscious of the homeless. The rattling of change cups, the begging for food. Yet we dive into our phones, turn up our headphones, and block it all out. Face it you are more concerned with the amount of “likes” your new profile picture got, than making sure some stranger gets to eat lunch. And I’m not judging. I’m questioning. Is this ok? Is this subjective blindness excusable?

We all grew up hearing that we needed to clean our plates because “There are starving children in Africa.” Well one there are starving children right here in Manhattan but whatevs Africa just adds to the whole white guilt plate. But that is a whole nother tangent. So yes there are starving children in Africa and worldwide, but should we feel guilty for our first world privilege? I think the answer to that is both yes and no. No we should not walk around with smiles on our faces thinking everyone in the world has it this good. Yes we should enjoy life. No we should not accept American news/media as our only forms of global awareness.

::Sigh:: as I’m writing this I’m feeling like a douche bag American with some serious #firstworldproblems. But I think, and therefore can not help it. And I want you to think. We can all make improvements not only within ourselves but for the world around us. We can not solely fix every problem but we can be a force in creating change.

I wish I could say that I’ll stop eating meat from taco trucks. Or deny myself cheese because milk is actually not right for human consumption. But my efforts will be made. In my own way. And that is all I can promise. And you know what? That is good enough for me.


2 thoughts on “Got Milk? Does he?”

  1. I haven’t seen that documentary, but I recommend Forks Over Knives. It definitely made me glad that I’m a vegetarian! Although I will say I love dairy products and the thought of giving up cheese and yogurt make my heart sad :p

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