Greatly Oppressive Party

So the Republican party is joking right? Like this whole GOP race is one big early April Fools joke right? RIGHT? Well if that is the case, you guys suck at telling jokes. I mean the only people laughing along with you are old rich white guys who are going to be dead in less than a decade. You guys need to expand your audience. For realz.

In case you were unaware it is 2012. Calling women sluts is no longer acceptable. You can’t just sweep it under the rug. Limbaugh. But than again Santorum is getting away with arguing that a women’s place is in the kitchen and that he plans on un gay marrying those who went and got married. I can’t. My head can not wrap around such fuckery. Yes I said it, fuckery. As both a women and a gay and you know a living breathing human being I can not watch this mayhem.

Oh but wait it gets better. Feeling like a college education is unreachable? Or maybe it’s just finals time and you’re just OVER it. Or maybe you just graduated and you’re debating grad schools. Well. Mr. Santorum has made it easy for you. College education is for schmucks. Ok well he kinda said Obama was an ass for saying that every American should have to attend a year of college or job training. And had he worded his correctly I could have maybe sorta agreed with him. But he would have had to say: A college education does not make or break you as an individual. There are a plethora of hard working individuals who were not privileged to go to college and are making the best out of their lives. Even still there are those who simply have other life callings than attending school after high school. BUT for those who would like to attend higher education and can not afford it there should be government aid available. But that’s not what he said. So. Yeah. Instead he was all: “(Obama) wants to remake you into his image. I want to create jobs so people can remake their children into their image not his.” So if your child goes to college he/she may become president? O. No. P.S. Santorum went to Penn State. Not exactly community college or trade school…

So men can’t get pregnant right? Nature didn’t shift over night correct? So uhm why am I hearing so many male voices bitch about birth control? Santorum for instance is CRAZY against abortions, except for you know when his wife is getting one.

I’m confused. So very confused. Unless your last name is Dugger you’re not trying to start your own race. Therefore you want some birth control. This just sounds like common sense to me. But than again I’m some crazy half brained Liberal. Birth control being easily accessible clearly only gives way to us all being sluts. Something no one on Penn States campus knows anything about rigggghhttt Santorum?

I’m a lesbian so my life is a ok without the men folk. But I’m still fucking pissed off by a bunch of old fucks dictating to my straight friends that they need to keep their legs closed. Girls that have sex are sluts. Period. Men have been trying to cure the female orgasm since the turn of the century. Why be surprised now?

I’d like to play a game of kickball with each GOP members head. I think (hold on to something) I miss the days of Bush. I thought it could get no worse, naive as fuck clearly.

You need to vote. You need to speak up. These candidates are hitting close to home. Forget wars overseas that we can’t see. This is you not being able to afford or hell even purchase birth control. This is you not being able to get married one day, or openly serve in the military. This is you being told you’re no more than a house wife. That you are a failure due to the fact you’re on welfare. Are you prepared for a racist, sexist, homophobic and hypocritical leader? Yeah I’m not either.


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