What Up Jesus? It’s Gender Speaking.

So I’m currently in the process of writing my admissions essay for The New School. I’m writing about gender because you know, I’m an expert. Kidding. But gender is something that I think about constantly. Gender is something that plays a very influential role in my life. So you’re like well duh gender is important to everyone. And I’m like yeah I know but I’m trying to get my gender out there. I go to public bathrooms and I see a little stick figure in a dress and little stick figure with no pants (yeah whats up with that?) anywhoot. I look at two doors and I’m told to decide. I pee sitting down. Cuz you know I gots girl parts. But since I cut off all my hair and started wearing guys clothes, society sees me one way: as a dude. So what’s a Nina to do?

Now back to that essay, I’m writing about how ancient cultures/societies such as the Greeks were totally about there being more than just two genders. Why does modern Western society choose to ignore this?

Gender discussion usually goes hand in hand with talking about gay rights. Those who seem to have the biggest problem with gays have the same problem with those seeking more out of gender. Seeing as those who scream the loudest about both are conservative religious lez talk about them for a hot second eh? We all know one of the biggest hata’s of the gays are the church. But it has always seemed like to me that the church’s inability to recognize gays as equal citizens because of the bibles teachings seems like more than a cope out. It seems like the opinion of a few who are simply homophobic speaking much louder than gays and their allies, thus influencing those who would normally not have seen gay rights as anything different than the rights all citizens are naturally given.

The Bible never directly states that being gay is wrong. It does say a bunch of other really fucked up shit though that oddly we don’t seem to follow today because you know IT’S FUCKED UP. Save for Rick Santorum. That guy is all about the old school Bible ways. He be sippin the kool aide hard.

I have been told from an early age to respect my elders. That looking into the past can provide clues and answers to problems that may arise in the future. This way of thinking that is in many ways based on a biblical teachings and morales is often ignored when it comes to standing up for the rights of homosexuals and others represented in the acronym LGBT. If we were to look into our past we would see that LGBT people were not always ostracized for their sexual preferences. That gods were seen as figures that transcended gender. Most notably the Greek god Hermaphrodites – who is shown in sculpture as having a women’s body and dressing in women’s clothing but having male genitalia. It is from this god that we get the term hermaphrodite. Cultures dating back to the Maya show more than two genders. So why is it that what our ancestors could accept thousands of years ago we can’t accept now? What form of understanding did we lose as we moved forward as a culture? As a human race? Is it simply the fear tactics that some from the conservative right have pushed into the mainstream that has silenced out the innate human ability of acceptance? You hate what you are taught to.

Michelangelo was gay. His artwork is some of the most revered and treasured on Earth. Are we supposed to ignore that? Are Catholics who enter the chapels and churches that he painted supposed to look on with interest yet cast judgement on who he chose to go to bed with?

The GOP this election has shown us how far they are willing to go to treat gays as second class citizens. I can’t even imagine what the repercussions will be for trans people and those who choose to ignore the gender binary. You are born into a body you had no say about, at a time you did not select, to parents whom you did not choose. You grew into the person you are today, and no matter who that person is, you deserve every human right.

You are who you are and if you’re living your life the best you can that is all that will ever fucking matter. Mythology talks about gender as if it were nothing. As if it were fun, something that should be played with. Ancient texts show us that even warriors had lovers of the same sex. Acceptance did happen on this planet once before. There’s no reason that it can’t happen again in our lifetime.


2 thoughts on “What Up Jesus? It’s Gender Speaking.”

  1. David and Jonathan in 2 Samuel chapter one: “your love surpassed that of women”. The Hebrew word “ahab” is generally used of love between partners. So the gay bashing Christians are selective of which bits of the Bible they read, though they will tell you that D&J never loved in that way. So, yeah. Even the Bible is far more tolerant than these weirdos.

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