It’s About to Get Better

So I’ve decided that the time has come for me to step outside of the writing arena and into the world of online videos. Dun dun dunnn. Yes this pretty gender queer face is about to come at ya loud and proud and I’m kicking things off with something that means a lot to me; the It Gets Better project.

I love being part of the LGBT community. I love standing up to homophobes, and politicians that want to deny us rights. I love feeling like I’m a part of an exclusive club. One filled with so many strong and courageous voices. We all got to where we are today after years of struggling with who we were. Question after question until we realized hey this is who I am and hell I’m really fucking ok with it.

As we all know being young and gay, or questioning our gender, or thinking we were anything outside of the heternormative wasn’t the easiest thing. I want to tell my story. I want to share it with each of you and with kids across the country who can’t come out and express who they truly are yet.

I need one thing from all of you though. This is easy queens so listen up. Take a picture of yourself holding up a sign (piece of paper, index card) saying: I support you. You can jazz it up, kiss it, glitter bomb it whatever. Just make the words clear. After you’re done taking in your best image email it to me. Dats it. Easy as pie. And not just any pie. Gay pie.


2 thoughts on “It’s About to Get Better”

  1. I love being part of the “club” too! Though I never had questions about myself, I always love to read the stories of how some came to accept themselves! Great blog, as far as I’ve read!

  2. i dont like the idea of you doing online videos. but i support you . my photo will be coming soon. clothing optional?

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