The Thing About Strippers

Hot girls throwing themselves at you. If we stopped right there I think 80% of the people who read my blog would be in all kinds of lesbian heaven. Now let’s add to that sentence shall we. Hot girls throwing themselves at you for money. You still cool with it? What is a girl to do about strippers?

Should strippers be ostracized as sluts? As girls with daddy issues crying out for a mans attention? Or should they be seen as women who are using the idiocy of men, who think with their dicks and making bank off them?

I have a stripper problem.

No not in the I get lost inside the dark rooms of strip clubs and am up to my nose in lapdance fees and secretly always have to worry that some guy named Tony no thumbs is going to come and break my neck for running out on my tab…too real? I liked it. But I digress. I do have a stripper problem. The problem is I don’t know how I feel about them. I know that my bachelorette party won’t include them because personally strippers kinda skeeve me out. Not so much because they wear nothing and do things to poles that would make a fireman forget how to put out a fire, but because I hate the idea of having to pay anyone to like me.

Somehow in my head I’ve managed to separate prostitutes, go go dancers, and strippers. Prostitutes fall into the O HELL NO slot. Go go dancers fall into the well if they’re at the party it ain’t gonna stop me from going slot. And strippers well strippers have me stumped. There really isn’t that much that separates a go go dance from a stripper. A few inches of skin and a tad more contact. Lesbian parties as of late have celebrated go go dancers. Are we becoming men? Or do we think that because we are women who love women the introduction of a go go dancer to a party is forward thinking?

Let’s be real. There is a large part of the lesbian community who act like men. I am not talking about trans men or gender queer individuals, I am talking about good ol’ fashioned lesbians. These ladies act like the dudes we all hate. Frat boy dykes. They take on everything that is gross about the worst men and somehow turn it into everything a girl is looking for. Now clearly only very specific ladies go for these FBD’s but these girls get ass. Now these chicks are usually the ones flirting with go go dancers, throwing money at them and drooling over them like me looking at a 5 Guys burger. Is this progress? Is this what our lesbian forefathers saw as where we would be in 2012?

Go go dancers do not offend me. In straight bars and clubs these girls are by no means allowed to be touched. It’s in the lesbian party scene where these lines are blurred. If we are for the most part ok with dancers at parties, what is it that makes so many of us detest strippers so much?

Let’s put it in this light. What if you needed to make money quick. You didn’t have mommy and daddy paying for school and you needed to pay off your student loans. You pick up a few nights at a strip club. Is that really that horrible? Is it? Part of me is like well no, and the other part of me is like EW NASTY ASS MEN. What if it was a female owned, lesbian clientele strip club? Than would your thoughts change? How about if that same girl decided to become a dominatrix? Would you shudder with disgust than?

I have met many a lesbian who do Dom work in their spare time. I wasn’t even phased when told. Was it the difference in power roles that made me ok with dominatrix work? The fact that the woman was in charge? Yet is she really? She is still being payed by a man to do what he wants.

I sit and I question these things, because I know one day I will have kids and these questions will arise. Before that I know I will be invited to party after party each one looking for the new wow factor. And as I stand there with all of my friends, in a room full of women I will wonder if we all are turning into the men we hate.


1 thought on “The Thing About Strippers”

  1. coming from a “straight” girl who loves to go to the strip club.
    first of all you are not paying them to like you, your paying them to rub all up on you. they don’t even have to look at you and smile when they’re doing it.
    second of all dude why you judging the stripper but not the girl in latex with the mask and the whip? they are both CHOOSING to get paid to do something for him or HER. from that sentence alone (where you emphasize HE) i think your hesitance towards strippers is you don’t like that they’re dancing mainly for men. because hey i spend more money at the strip club then my guys AND hell if i wanna hire a Dom i can do that to.
    go go dancers, prostitutes, doms, strippers… this is their paying job, that they chose (well maybe not so much the prostitutes but you know anyone can get an online degree these days, so don’t say it’s not by choice) they don’t discriminate the sex of their customers.

    my point is just what you said in the beginning they’re go go dancers with less clothes and more contact and no offense but probably more skills. and some are nasty and others are that beautiful quiet girl who lives down the hall from you.

    i cant come up with a conclusion …..

    love strippers, they just making money doin what they good at.

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