Why I’m Scared to Occupy

A little preamble:

Firstly if you didn’t know, The Occupy Wall Street movement in NYC has moved to Union Square. They have been battling the police since this past weekend. Arrests have been made, people have been hurt and wrongly pushed out of the square.

Secondly read this: Trayvon

Now let’s get down with the get down shall we. I’m scared to occupy. Police presence doesn’t make me feel safer, on the contrary it evokes feelings of anger and hatred. Many factors play a role in why I fucking hate cops but the main one is that they seem to have zero sensitivity or training towards the LGBT community. Now before I get emails that are all “my uncles a cop and he loves the gays” I am speaking from my own personal encounters. I do not doubt that there are both cops who are allies and police officers who are themselves gay. But those folk are clearly the minority.

I have been cuffed once here in the city. It was one of the most horrible experiences of my life. A friend and I were arguing outside of a restaurant we had been in. She was a blonde white girl. I am a six foot one gender queer individual who the straight world sees as a man. Would anyone like to guess how this ended? We were both approached at first, but I was quickly pinned up against a wall and told to shut up. Now. If I had been screaming or abusing this girl I would understand this force of action, but the one in the altercation who was yelling was her. Doesn’t matter. I’m black. Doesn’t matter I’m a man. Oh wait I’m not. When the officer realized that I was indeed a female he backed up immediately. How the fuck is this how the public is treated? Tackle first ask questions later?

Had I been arrested that night and brought into central booking god knows what I would have had to deal with. Cops don’t ask trans folk and gender queer individuals what holding cell they would prefer to be in. I am truthfully an honestly scared of these “men in blue”.

Last night a rally took place with hundreds of supporters. The rally was to speak out against the wrongful, horrible, and disgusting murder of Trayvon Martin. Protestors took to the street demanding that police step up and arrest the man who ended Trayvon’s life. That’s right, he has yet to be booked and charged. Everyday tens of Occupy protestors are arrested yet an arrest can’t be made in the murder of an innocent teenager? Are you screaming WHAT THE FUCK yet? Last night the chants focused mainly on the NYPD; and public disgust with them. One of the most popular called police racist, sexist, and anti-gay. Why do police seem to be the last people who want to help? Officers give me the shadiest of all looks when I walk by them, yet I frequently see them flirt with girls. My respect for the police force is at the lowest low. No part of me trusts these people in insuring that my rights as a gender queer are upheld the same as some pretty girls. They see me and those who protest as second class. Ego will destroy you. I hope every cop who is currently floating on his own ego cloud gets the karma he deserves for harming and ignoring the cries of those who need his protection the most.


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