Moral Fiber

I’m not directly sure how to address this issue so kindly excuse me if points fail to come together correctly or if I tend to ramble. Or you know I just bug the fuck out because this shit is absolutely ridiculous.

Sophie Von Bayern has taken it upon herself to make a database of gays. Straight up McCarthy communist style. Pictures. Phone numbers. Addresses. Her reasons for this LGBT catalogue? To out these people. To inform their families and employers of their sexual preference, in hopes of getting them fired and ostracized. This is being done without their permission or knowledge.

As of yesterday Tumblr deleted said account.

Now words actually fail me. Oh except for these:
Who the flying fuck does this woman think she is? And where the flying fuck are the Feds? This shit is ILLEGAL. Like super illegal. What right does anyone have to out someone period? Never mind doing it on the Internet for the world to see? AND if that wasn’t bad enough she also has their addresses?!? So if any of these people are killed or hurt she’s going to jail right? HELLO justice system?!? I’m confused. Scratching my head like I’m back in Algebra 2 confused. I’m all for freedom of speech but this is stalking, cyber bullying, CREEPY, and well uhm wrong.

Tumblr’s initial response:

…really guys? How about if a straight man was making a database of newly legal girls. For men to be able to know if their new love interest was indeed not jailbait. Would that be freedom of expression? Or would it be a one way ticket to the big house?


I still have a heart and a brain. I don’t even know why shit like this surprises me anymore. But what does never fail to shock me is the mainstreams sensitivity to straight people. There is nothing to understand. I sleep with girls. I am not mentally defective, I am not different. I do not expect special treatment and I sure as shitI don’t need your pity. What I do need is to be treated like a mother fucking equal. God you don’t need a workshop or a class to fathom who I am. I’m sick of having to think of how straight people may feel. Get the fuck over it or turn the other way. Believe me I don’t want to think about many many people’s sex lives. But I don’t try and make laws to prevent them from existing in this world equally to me.

Outing someone is never ok. Finn got slapped harder than hell fire when he outed Santana on Glee. Rightfully so. It is no ones place but the person coming out to share who they are. It is their moment. There is no feeling that can match the emotions involved with a gay, bi, or trans person coming out. When someone steals that opportunity the damage done is irreversible. I did not choose to be gay or gender queer. But coming into my own and discovering myself was a process that was fundamental to who I am now. I rarely get angry. Frustrated yes. But moments of blind anger are few and far between. I am currently blinded by emotion, disgust, and rage. If by some small chance Ms. Bayern reads this I have a message for you ma’am. Fuck. You. To live with such hate in your heart must be extremely difficult and sad. I am truly sorry that you lead such a hateful life. I am even more sorry that you have opened yourself up to bullying and harassment from those you have chosen to scorn. You will now probably know what it’s like to be a member of the LGBT community. To never know if someone will leave you hate mail or threaten your life walking down the street. It’s a shame that you now will know that life. It’s a shame that you lack common sense and more importantly any ounce of moral fiber. Welcome to the life of being treated as filth. Sideways glances on the street, people talking about you in undertones as you walk into rooms. The difference between you and those you targeted?

We never did anything wrong.


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