If You Need Me Call Me

Ok I lied just a lil bit. I hate talking on the phone. So much so that I have the lowest minute plan on my iPhone possible. I’m just…not that into it.

But back to the point and it is an important one.

I get a lot of mail from people. People coming to me with questions or needing just a little bit of guidance or a push. It means the world to me that I’m seen as someone that can offer insight. I’ve been through a lot, and have seen many circumstances unfold. So here is my formal invite to you all: Need to talk? I’m here. We all go through so much day to day. Simple problems can be crippling to those in the LGBT community. But we can get through it. YOU can get past it. And I’M here to help in anyway I can. I know life isn’t always parties and strap ons. Kittens and mimosas. Shit happens. Sometimes you just need an outside perspective.

I’ll talk about just bout any old thang.

So shoot me an email. npogensky@gmail.com
Hit up my inbox on that good old book of face.
Nina Ryley Pogensky


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