Generational Mantra

We busy ourselves so much with trying to get our minds to focus on anything but. But love. But money. But the future. We are right nowists. We see tomorrow as a novelty it could be it may be we’ll wait and see. In our music and in our actions we are young and carefree. But in our minds we are constantly bulldozing. We are anxious and incomplete. We go out. We get wasted. We fuck strangers. Or people we weren’t supposed to. We are spiteful but we are loyal. We compete. I am only who I am today. I could be someone completely different tomorrow. That is how quickly my moods shift. That is how I breathe. Sometimes the breaths are more complete than anything I’ve ever known. Sometimes I am complete. And than it breaks, something shatters. I see myself in pieces. Actual pieces. Not the harmless edges of jigsaw. No. Razor sharp like broken glass. Glass and razors. I could eat fire. I already breathe smoke. Tolerate my complexities. I can hardly deal with myself. I am rough in my kindness. I am more than I can take. I see a thousand things when I look down at my hands. I feel like I’m always a breath away from being a mistake.


1 thought on “Generational Mantra”

  1. thank you, thank you, thank you for this. my pieces feel less sharp knowing someone was able to put that into words.

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