This City

I get reckless in this city.
Restless with every flash of light.
Like gun shots.
Nights that anywhere else would be peaceful.
Would keep me.

I meet beautiful strangers.
They sing lullabies that should keep me.
But their minds are no more than taxi cabs.
They drop off and receive.

Eyes that lack direction.
Skin radiating perfection.
My words wasted on skin.
Narcism always sets in.

Not even rain here is beautiful.
It washes filth onto grime.

And than it dries.

But you can smell rain water.
Like you can smell the salt of your tears.
And even as the skies and your eyes clear.
Something still lingers.
Something like a memory.

So bar stool keep me.
Whiskey wake me.
Reap me.
Hell put me to sleep.
Make me feel what I push deep.
Make me know my shadow.
The other side of me.
Dreams that I don’t have to close my eyes to see.


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