Why Doesn’t Anyone Ever Want to go to Rehab?

There are a lot of reasons why being 16 and pregnant would fucking suck. The main reason being of course that you were 16 AND pregnant. This whole ordeal would no doubt be a billion times worse if cameras were up your ass for the next three years, filming you as you looked a crazy, hot, teenage mess for viewers weekly enjoyment. Ok MTV I know you didn’t honestly think that 16 and Preggo and Teen Mom would shine any light on why kids shouldn’t be having kids and inadvertently start some huge birth control and abstinence campaign with high shoolers across the board. I know you claim that was your intent, but it wasn’t so stop fronting. That’s like saying the point of The Real World Road Rules Challenge is to introduce viewers to parts of the world they had never seen before…right.

Earlier this week one of the teen mommas was sentenced to jail for the next five years. I read this in passing and was like oh probs because she tried to kill her baby daddy for the hundredth time. Except that’s totally not what happened. SHE CHOSE jail over rehab. Clearly Miss Amber Portwood hasn’t watched enough reality tv herself. Or bowed at the alter of get-out-of-jail card herself Lindsay Lohan.


Oh, maybe someone who has been popping obscene amounts of pills and has had her life broadcast over tv for the past few years. Yes blah blah she allowed cameras into her life, but she was also a minor. Teenagers make bad decisions. It is an inevitable truth. And since when are drug popping twenty year olds in any condition to opt out of rehab?

Having been raised Quaker I was taught from an early age that the nations jails were not places where people can go and get better. Jail and reform simply do not go hand in hand in my opinion. Beyond that I have watched basically every show that lets us inside prisons, heard prisoners speak and quickly realized jail is essentially hell.

Modern day prisons have been called out as places to keep black men holed up. There are more men in prison now than were enslaved in the 1800’s.

I am by no means saying that some people (murders, rapists, etc) don’t thoroughly belong to rot in hell for what they have done, but I do feel that small time drug dealers and repeat juvenile offenders simply do not belong in these conditions. If you want someone to change you can’t put them in an environment that promotes the opposite. In most cases I feel like sending someone to jail is the equivalent of sending an alcoholic to a bar.

There are more than 2.3 million people in jail in the US. The most out of any country in the world.

Young women belonging in rehab should not be placed in jail. End of story. Drug abuse runs rampant through our prison system. Amber’s chances of coming out changed are pretty fucking slim.

…not to mention her daughter.

85% of all inmates have had or do have a drug problem.

I am actually really and truly upset and saddened that no one demanded sending her to a facility that would actually benefit her. Instead of contributing to this countries already sad number of young adults in jail.

67% of ex prisoners reoffend and 52% are re-incarcerated

I wonder if MTV plans on filming a Teen Mom Jailhouse Rock special.


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