Insufficient Fare

I have a question, it’s short and to the point. I believe that it may also be somewhat redundant and mainly rhetorical, but maybe someone can offer some wisdom or most importantly I can vent.

Why does everyone, who works for the MTA seem to be a mega fucking prick?

Is there something that goes along with working for an agency with three letters that turns you into a monumental butt face? (I’m looking at you 34th street DMV employees) People ask stupid questions. I mean hell I asked one of my best friends for a tampon and she responded with “wait you still get your period?”

People just don’t always have their thinking lights on.

But I digress. Look tourists annoy me too. People act like American escalators are different from the rest of the worlds. For reasons unbeknownst to me, New York City seems to cripple peoples common sense. I would probably want to slap a dingo eating baby too if I had to deal with people asking me constantly where the G train runs in Manhattan. But like…you’re getting paid. Which is more then a lot of people now a days can say.

I’m just not getting it.

I’m also going to need to know why the MTA feels as though no one has anyone where to go after 12am or on the weekends…le sigh at least it’s not The T.

Also, how sad does every inch of you feel when you see this:

It’s like being rejected by the bouncer of the subway club.


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