Shackles and Bacon

Every once in awhile in the fashion world, someone creates something and it turns everyone on Earth’s head. Like seriously. It’s like the heads of the world have an eclipse. Adidas is currently responsible for this weeks total eclipse of the head.

If you have yet to hear the shot heard round the world. Adidas is set to release a pair of high tops with plastic chains on the top… Like you know the kind prisoners still wear… or you know the kinds black people wore in this country less than a few hundred years ago. Yeah those shackles. So everyone is all up in arms about how this clearly has racist undertones, and that the minds behind all things at the Adidas ranch are huge racists that would dine with both Hitler and Robert E. Lee if they had the chance. (at least that’s what the internet is making of them and we all know the internet never ever lies)

Now this was probably not a good idea. Slavery isn’t exactly old news in this country. Jim Crow wasn’t that long ago. States in the south still fly Confederate flags (you lost get over it already). So shackles on shoes aren’t going to be seen as some huge fashion statement, or a giant leap forward. Shackles will seem as they always have seemed and always will seem BECAUSE THEY ARE means to hold people back.

But…people do wear some absolutely crazy things. The crazier, the more fashion forward it often seems. I do believe that anyone has the right to design and wear whatever their little heart so desires. Slaves were not the only ones who were shackled, prisoners today still wear them, and if you would like to paint the picture to strangers on the street that you are in some way “chained” to something by all means go right ahead.

What I think of when I see these shoes and hear people revolting against Adidas all that comes to mind is…but…you spend hundreds of dollars on shoes every fucking month. I’m speaking of almost everyone I have ever met that has lived in the hood or is part of the hip hop community. They are obsessed with “kicks”. To the extent of camping outside of Foot Locker upon the release of a new pair of Jordan’s. A lot of the time these individuals are from low income households.

Think of it like this: Corporations like Adidas and Nike, have sweat shops in the bum fuck middle of the world where people are paid next to nothing to make shoes that cost next to nothing to produce. The shoes are then shipped here where they are marked up to some ridiculous price and are then purchased by poor people. Poor people make shoes for other poor people so that sportswear giants can make a shit ton of money.

Looks like you’re already wearing shackles.

I think the real people we should all be screaming at are the folks at BK. Because they have made their mission very clear. To give us all diabetes by 2020.


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