A Scratch on the Typewriter

If it was meant to be it would be
But if I make it happen well then what then
A savage to a few hearts admittedly so
Admittedly foe
Claimed a few casualties
While learning who I was
Shot without a gun
I know it still burned
But my brain is not a place that deals with ration
The waves overflow themselves with passion
But that passion is merely candles flame
Dance until the wax drips down
Or until a breeze gusts past
A breeze of the past
The smell of every mistake
The memories that no matter how hard I bend them manage to still take and flake
And they linger
A paper cut on a well worked finger
Still I build with the wind that I breathe from within
It lights that candle
But the flame always burns
But I guess that is life
A break followed by lessons learned
Maybe love bringing hope
But usually ultimately
We are all in constant states of rebuilding
Forever rising

A paper cut chasing down fire
A burn welcoming a burn
I lift my eyes to skies that wrinkle in time
I shift my views to street signs
To broken glass and concrete well past due for construction
Attempts at “making it new”
But cracks and crevices are home
You feel for what you’ve always known
You feel for it because it has become a part of you
The past is in you and has seeped into all of the misplaced bricks on misshaped paths
Those blades of unplanned grass
Jutting through

A typewriter puts you in a chokehold
Your mistake will glare back at you as you question why your hands and brain simply can not get it together enough to communicate
Replace it with technology
That corrects you before you even knew you were wrong
Perfection that you did not attain for yourself
Imperfect you still sit
Your brain at a typewriter
While your hands punch at a keyboard of security

There is a place for mistakes
A place for learning
For heart wrenching heartache
Scars we aren’t born with
But mine I hold close
Scars are how I fucked up
Came back to life
To scars and typewriters
I toast


2 thoughts on “A Scratch on the Typewriter”

  1. Hi
    Loved reading your blog. I have a couple questions, and I’m really hoping you could help me. Hoping you check this. Would that be ok? I’d really, really appreciate it.

    Hopefully hear from you soon


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