Swim Like a Man Lose Like a Woman

A woman can’t do anything as well as a man can.

At least that is what this years Olympics would have you believe. Especially if its a physical feat. It is true that when it comes to sports men do tend to have faster times, lift more etc. Men and women are not built the same. In comparison the worlds strongest women is just as strong as the worlds strongest man. For their bodies they are both pushing the limits and achieving success to unparalleled goals. If a male athlete does something as fast as excuse me as slow as the fastest women in the same sport, he by male standards is considered not that great. But lets say he was having an off day as any athlete can, so we shrug it off. If a female athlete competes and does better then a man she is clearly taking supplements. She is not an extraordinary athlete or a once in a lifetime marvel. She is clearly, obviously “doping”. Maybe male athletes who falter, are consuming too much estrogen. Because surely any full blooded, testosterone driven man would not lose to a lady.

When male athletes fuck up in the sports world which is frankly, ALL THE TIME; fans stray away from what they consciously know to be wrong. And more often then not choose to go right along believing that their male athlete is a god. One above common law. It happens every single year. And we forgive every single year.

In fact up until the recent Penn State scandal I can’t remember a time in recent history where a male associated with winning athletics,has seriously had to suffer for his actions.

Think about it. Kobe Bryant cheated in his wife. Apologized. And is still the darling of the Lakers. Tiger Woods who also cheated, is still playing golf and sponsoring products. Yes he did have an epic downfall where his playing was atrocious and his life seemed pretty dim but he is currently doing just fine.

I understand that Doping is not the same as cheating. But it is the same line of thinking that allows powerful people to think they are entitled to do whatever they want to improve their well being or their game.

Let’s go at this from another angle. All of these men who cheat are seen as well, men. Society has adopted a boys will be boys mindset. Now what if being a “boy” and sleeping around lands you with a sexually transmitted disease? What if it lands you with one of the most horrifying viruses to ever exist?

During basketball season one can turn on the t.v. and see some of basketballs retired greats (and some not so greats) hosting and reporting games. One of these men in Magic Johnson, who happens to have HIV.

Now. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with a t.v. host having HIV. It’s actually admirable, that in a society that has such ignorance towards the virus that someone carrying it is broadcasted into our living rooms. But I will say without any ounce of doubt that if Magic Johnson was a female athlete carrying the same virus, she would be hard pressed to find any form of work, never mind have a prime time television gig. If Anderson Cooper told the world that he had HIV, think about the backlash that would occur. Magic is seen as the hero he was always seen as. Anderson would be nothing more then a fag.

OJ Simpson killed his ex wife. Americans celebrated when he was acquitted.

But back to doping.

Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa both used steroids. I still hear their names everyday. Congress got involved. Books were written. These two men have managed to stay extremely relevant. No one wants to hear that their hero is a fake. They’ll have trials, they’ll run tests, they’ll watch old tapes, listen to their lies, yet still they hold out hope that it was all indeed just a hoax. A misunderstanding at the most. Remember Marion Jones that highly decorated and celebrated female track star? She got caught for doping too. Remember her? You know Marion? Marion Jones. That female phenom who was caught using steroids. Oh wait. Females only have one shot to fall from grace.

Americans are quick to use phrases from the bible or amendments in the constitution to back up their often ignorant or hateful claims. Yet when passing judgement on to others they fail to give the accused the same platform of speech. “Innocent until proven guilty.” “The right to a fair and speedy trial.” These are all phrases in our constitution yet Ye Shiwan has been judged before even getting a chance to prove herself innocent.

What she has proved thus far is that she is an exceptionally amazing athlete. Both her and Michael Phelps have beaten records so far this Olympics. Look who is being hailed as a hero. And who is being ostracized as a cheater.

P.S. She was just cleared of all charges.


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