What’s In a Name

It has been said that when you name your child you’re choosing their life path. How and where they’ll fit in, whether they’ll be a leader or a quite follower. Aside from how you actually look, your name is the first thing that people have to judge you off of. It’s clear that nowadays parents have lost their damn minds.


My name literally means girl in Spanish, and if you know me…well I’m not the girliest. I channel more of a gay man, skater boy, thing. I’m me. Let me explain the best way I can, through prose:

I am gender
I am everything
I am Adam and I am Eve
I’m neither F or M I’m in between
I was the little girl who played with trucks
The boy who played with dolls
I fit where I find the warmth
Cold is nothing new
This is true
But I am
I see no point in pointing stress on when or where or if I’ll ever wear a dress
Or why a stranger on the street can’t just see inside and take me for me
I am who I am and that’s always been me
Boy meets girl
Inside my head
Girl meets girl inside my bed
I am the reasoning on the tip of genders tongue
Because for me its come undone
And I tear it up and rip it apart
Your words they hit but they fall to dark
The spotlights always on
On my state
On the clothes I wear
I’m who you hate
Well smile
Because I’m smiling back
Because I won’t censor myself
Or ever look back
So call on your soldiers
Fire off all your guns
Shoot me a thousand times
But for me
The war has already been won

I can only stay true to myself. When I look in the mirror now I see a very different person than who I once did. We all grow up, our faces change, our attitudes change; I don’t wear the same clothes I did as an infant, so why should my name stay the same?

Nina. Meet. Ryley.



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