The Center of the Universe

I want my kids to fall in love with New York the way that I have
Not the out of town I’ve watched Annie Hall kind of way
I want them to appreciate and hate this place
To realize that it isn’t all yellow brick roads and dream making That you have to work here just to breathe
That no one gives a fuck about who you used to be
For the better and for the worse
Your life before New York is meaningless
Because before New York it was incomplete
I want them to love this city for everything that it isn’t
For everything they wish it could be
Don’t just dream about New York Don’t live here and imagine
Be here
Be conscious of this city
Be aware of who lives here and fucking ache for them
Hate them
Be disgusted by the rent you have to pay
By the produce and the prices at the shitty neighborhood grocery store
Fall in love with central park while you question why on Earth it exists
And when you feel -when you feel at your wits end walk the water on the west side and see the lights of the opposite skyline
take the ferry and say hello to Lady Liberty
Go down to the seaport and get lost in the architecture of what feels like a hundred bridges
Museums like mausoleums
Like churches
Like temples
Remember to take the time to pray at arts shrine
Understand where you are
What this is
That this is your island for the taking
That this island will have to do with your making or breaking
Be here with passion
And find your everything
Manhattan may be an island
But you’ll come to know it as the sun


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