Love Walks

… because they say I’ve got talent
Or at least I know I burn myself with words
But growing old sounds so romantic
Yet being old sounds tragic
Heartbreak sounds the best when I’m holding on to you
And feel my heart falling through my chest
When I can feel it beating in my toes
And I can feel you breathing hard and to the beat
I stand up on what should be solid ground
But then again I have shaky feet
And look out the window
And then up to the sky
I stand there naked
Wondering who the fuck are you
Well who the fuck am I?
The scary thing about being in love has nothing to do with the falling
It has to do with the lasting
That after years my sex will still sustain you
That my juvenile jokes will still make you laugh
That after you kiss me you’ll miss my lips and instinctively pull me back
That after years your scent will still linger in my nose
Stick to my clothes
Can you last my anxiety
My stupid insecurities
I want to grow into your curves
I want you to fade into mine
I near want to be like my parents
And stay with a partner through years of darkness
Excuse my tongue
For when I get carried away
When I turn over in bed
Place a hand on my hip
Until I turn back your way
I do not know how to stray
I do however know all to well how to walk away
Make me stay
More importantly
Please don’t call my bluff
Don’t you leave too soon
Don’t you
Walk away


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