No One Ever Likes Wearing Mittens

So the election is finally upon us, and like ITS TIME TO VOTE I can no longer assume that anyone is dumb enough to vote for Mitt Romney, mainly because when I think about how close the polls are I actually want to gay vomit.

I’m not quite sure if glitter would come out but I am sure if glitter was what I puked it would be the saddest glitter that has ever been gay spewed. We’re talking the comic sans of glitter people. OBAMA HAS TO WIN. Like seriously. Think of all of the shit that would happen if Romney wins. Heart warming shit like:

– Large tax cuts for the wealthy;
– Large deficits since the tax cuts will not be paid for (and the math won’t add up)
– Cuts in funding for the social safety net;
– A large scale repeal of government regulation on the banks with little or no protection for consumers;
– A down turn in the economy since we would go back to the policies of George W. Bush;
– the country being run like Bain Capital
– Women who wanted abortions being forced to choose between having the baby against her will, or having illegal abortions in unsanitary conditions;
-A repeat of conditions like Katrina the next time a natural disaster strikes since Romney would have turned over responsibility to the states and private industry;
-An increase in the number of the uninsured since the Affordable Care Act will be repealed;
-Many Americans being denied insurance coverage because they have pre-existing conditions (again because of the repeal of the Affordable Care Act);
-A private rather than public medicare system (with many seniors lacking basic health care since they were unable to afford healthcare due to the increased costs under the voucher system);
-One or more conservative justices joining Scalia, Alito, Thomas, and Roberts;
-A deterioration in our relationship with other nations since President Romney would lack any diplomatic skill;
-The likelihood that we would have been involved in one or more wars abroad
-An increase in funding to defense contractors;
-No effort to try to stop global warming.

Via Daily Kos


Think about it like this: If Mitt Romney wins this election and then is re-elected for another term there will be no gay marriage for at LEAST 8 years. Woman will lose the right of abortion, AND a good number of women will also lose the support of Planned Parenthood for any and all health issues BECAUSE Mittens doesn’t think Planned Parenthood should exist BECAUSE Mittens actually hates women. Gays and women actually. Oh and immigrants. And poor people. And unions. And all other minorities except for that minority that is the 1%. He loves that minority.
Also if you’re any other branch of the LGBT tree expect a serious “I don’t give a fuck attitude” coming your way over the next 4 years. Trans rights under The Romney administration? Shut. Your. Atheist. Mouth.

So you need to get out and vote. And maybe yell at all of your friends to do so as well. And maybe just stand outside of polling centers and yell up at the sky. Do a rain dance (actually no in hindsight don’t you dare do that)
Do this instead:

And remember:

Plus like for real. Obama is adorable. You can’t even deny it. LOOK AT THAT FACE.



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