Getting Into Bed With Straight Boys

Queergrub is officially a year old. *insert pop of champagne bottle here* I have had a blast with ‘grub and over this past year have watched readership grow and evolve. My original intent with Queergrub was to provide commentary on the queer world. As time went on I realized that my readership was not just queer folk. But straight folk as well. My biggest surprise was when I started getting messages from CIS straight men, telling me how much they loved reading about lesbians and the queer world. I was like wait? WHAT? That is dope sauce.

So I got to thinking.

What if I made a video blog that was aimed at my straight audience? What if lesbians and queermo’s gave straight guys advice? What. If. Well what if no mo. It is happening. I am starting (my first) video blog entitled: “You’re Doing it All Wrong.” It will be a platform for: straight guys to ask questions, straight girls to ask questions, and gay folk to answer back.

I love my straight boys, but there are some things about girls that you just don’t know. AND can’t be expected to because you know, you aren’t one. So I am offering you my services. Judge free and all. With humor and some real tips (I hear that I’ve dated a few girls in my time) myself and a panel of chosen ones will answer all of your questions. And give you some gay approved sex tips. Trust us. We got this. Stay tuned for the launch. Get excited. Get your questions ready. Together we shall rule the dating world.

In other news. This is something you should probably watch. And laugh at. Like, laugh at really hard.

Lesbian Truths.


2 thoughts on “Getting Into Bed With Straight Boys”

  1. Congrats for the first birthday. I personally read what I find interesting, and the author’s sex or taste is just part of the equation (and some time of the solution too). The fact you are gay, queer, kinky is just something in your personality that people should accept as what defines you, not by the fact it’s in or out of a conformist model nobody cares to “respect” anymore (as if respect to conformism was important, lol).

    I wish you luck with your video casting. I think you’re going in a direction that may be less successful than this one, because it’s one step closer to have queerness fully accepted by people. You can read discretely and silently a post on a blog in public – as long as no strong pics show up – but watching a video can be a bit harder. As I said, good luck with that, and don’t lose faith if it doesn’t work, you’ll still have readers 😉

  2. WHERE ARE THE VIDEOS!? I’m waittttingggg….or are they some place that I just haven’t found and will super silly when you tell me?

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