A Royal Shame

In case you missed it, a few days ago two radio DJ’s from Australia called the hospital Kate Middleton was staying in and pretended to be Queen Elizabeth the II and Prince Charles. They tricked a nurse into giving them information about Kate’s condition. Hilarious right? After they got the information and a big laugh they let her know it was all a joke. Ha. Ha. The next day, the nurse was found dead; she had committed suicide. Oh the humor.

Now when we were kids we all made crank calls. When done tastefully a good prank is a ok. But a joke is a joke until it becomes bullying. There are lines that simply should not be crossed, and when they are you are responsible for the mess that you make. Now every prank making kid pretty much knows there are two things that you simply do not fuck with, those two being:
1. Calling 911 as a joke
2. Calling in a bomb threat.
Kids know not to do this. Yet two grown individuals and a slew of producers thought it was a good idea to prank the Royal family and an entire hospital? You know why you don’t prank 911? Because by you holding up an operator you are endangering the lives of others. When you call in a bomb threat you are sending police and other emergency forces on a senseless hunt. YOU ARE WASTING PEOPLES TIME, TAX PAYERS MONEY, AND TAKING AWAY FROM THOSE WHO ACTUALLY NEED ASSISTANCE.

Who knows whether or not this nurse was suicidal before this prank, regardless this was clearly the tipping point. Humiliation is the easiest way to make anyone feel like they are worthless. What these two DJ’s did was humiliate an innocent woman, a nurse at that. Someone who has devoted her life to helping and saving others. The complete contrary to the DJ’s at 2DayFM who seemingly can not note the difference between a good idea and a horribly bad one.

In the US when one calls in a bomb threat to a school, regardless of their age or innocence they are risk of being charged with terrorism. Recently with the slew of youth suicides due to online attacks, more and more bullies have been prosecuted for their words. They have been seen as aides to the deaths and have had to pay the price for it. This should absolutely be the case when it comes to these two DJ’s and 2DayFM. Adults should act as such.

The two DJ’s were victims to an absolute whipping on Twitter causing both of them to delete their accounts. They have since been put on suspension until further notice. It is a disgrace that people can not weigh their actions out before they literally ruin someones life. When someone commits suicide it is not just their life that they are ending but the lives of everyone who loves them. You have no idea what someone is going through, please remember that your words can sting and linger more than you think.


2 thoughts on “A Royal Shame”

  1. The person who died in what is being called a suicide triggered by this prank call was NOT the nurse who spoke at length to the DJs. It was instead the receptionist who had less than ten seconds’ worth of contact with them and then transferred the call. If you listen to the call, there is no evidence of bullying, harassment, or humiliation whatsoever in their interaction. The link below is to a recording of the audio. In no way do I mean to say that cruelty or bullying are okay, or that targets thereof can be devastated, but this particular situation is being completely blown out of proportion.

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