Queer & Utter Bedlam WERKS THOSE PECS

So. In my everyday life. I totally collaborate with people amazing queers to make awesome parties happen.

TONIGHT is my first party of the year: Queer & Utter Bedlam, which is a lovely queer rage fest that happens twice a month on the Lower East Side here in Manhattan. I’ve teamed up with my brothers from another mother Werk Those Pecs. And we are here to give you a good ol fashioned kick in the weekday ass.

You should totally come. Autostraddle thinks you should too:

So basically. If you are a fun loving queer or queer loving individual. You should DVR all of your Tuesday night shows and get your butt to Bedlam. 40 Avenue C. LES. See you on that dirty dirty glitter floor.

Get in the mood. Do it. Do it now:

Also in case anyone was wondering at all this song is my new life motto and this video is my new unofficial style guide. I will even dance it out for you. If you ask nicely. And let me kiss you:



1 thought on “Queer & Utter Bedlam WERKS THOSE PECS”

  1. I m glad which it turned away so perfectly and I’m hoping it can continue down the road because it happens to be so worth it and meaningful towards the community.

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