Just the Guts

…and some of us will shift and change the same but some of us won’t but that’s ok I think that’s what your twenties are supposed to be like – this constant shift this constant change and you’re like well I’m growing up but fuck so much of my past literally feels like it was yesterday it’s all almost suffocating but it’s also so damn intoxicating on one hand you’re like I have so much to plan but on the other you’re thinking one more drink won’t hurt and fuck neither will another three it isn’t a spiral into a downfall just an admission that you aren’t perfect that maybe you haven’t figured it out yet and fuck those who think they have and those who really have well all the best and no hard feelings I speak from a place of knowing what it is to fuck up or fuck things up or fuck her up and you and you but love you all the same and know happy actually truly know happy to be that one summer night on a rooftop in Brooklyn where no part of your day made any sense but suddenly it just it just all felt right and surrounded by strangers who had become your best friends for that night and probably only that night but it was special it was something it was important and you are too or something well we all know that we’re something who knows what that something is…


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