What. Do. We. Do?

The Steubenville rape case has ended in a guilty conviction of two 16 year old boys. These are the thoughts that have been swirling my mind, in no particular order.

Rape destroys people’s lives.

Those who rape should be put in jail where they can happily rot in hell.

Those who rape should also be put through an extensive amount of therapy.

Society is not fair to women.

Society idolizes athletes.

From a young age both men and women should be taught NOT TO RAPE.

A victim is just that: a victim.

A study was conducted asking men if they could get away with rape – would they? Do you know what the results said? 35% of men would.

35% of men would absolutely totally rape, if they absolutely totally would not get caught. http://www.sscnet.ucla.edu/comm/malamuth/pdf/81Jsi37.pdf


Women should be able to wear whatever the fuck they want and not worry about men taking that as an opening to sexually assault them.

Women should be careful. Or something? I don’t even know what the right word is but I do know rapists exist. And while in a happy perfect society you should be able to happily get drunk and walk home; we don’t live in that place (yet). You can’t prevent someone from being an asshole, but you can take steps to keep yourself out of certain situations. With that said one is ever “asking” for rape. That sentence needs to be taken out of everyone vernacular.

If you ever need a ride home from anywhere in NYC Right Rides will pick you up and bring you home for free. http://rightrides.org/

Our prison system is fucked up. But you know what – so is being a criminal.

I feel sorry for those who are in prison with murders and rapists; those who have been convicted of crimes like drug possession for example should not have to share cells with those who have ended someones life.

Teenagers are in fact not responsible enough to get drunk. When you do not know your limits you will in fact make stupid decisions. That is not to say that without alcohol these boys would have not committed rape or another crime, BUT alcohol absolutely played a role in what occurred that night. For all parties.

I am perplexed by rape. It disgusts me to no end that anyone feels that they are entitled to invade someones space to that extent. Is it a sickness? Are there more sociopaths running around than we realize? Are men born with the capacity to rape? Can a rapist be cured? Is rape learned? Or is it like alcoholism – in the sense that if your father was a rapist you have the pre disposition to be one as well. I know that studies have shown that if you are sexually assaulted as a child you have a higher chance of being a rapist but why does that only occur with men who were assaulted – why than don’t more women rape?

Too many people in my life have been raped, or sexually assaulted. The ways in which I have seen how horribly their lives have been changed and sometimes ruined absolutely kills me. It leaves me with a distaste for men. It leaves me with a feeling of hopelessness for young girls and women.

Society doesn’t teach people how to not get killed.
Society doesn’t teach people how to not get hit by a drunk driver.
Society doesn’t teach people how to avoid hate crimes.


Society teaches women how to not get raped.

Because. That. Makes. Sense.


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