Pavement Street Stars

There are a million stars in the sky
Some I know that I’ll never see
I used to think of those stars like people
And if I didn’t see them all – I was missing everything
I’ve got this infinite crush
It’s an insatiable craving
I need without being needy
I know satisfaction
But I know it rarely
I crave uncertainty
Because it understands me
My trust in life lays in the millions of stars
I watch them flicker
And I know them to be my heart
I am as focused as I choose to be

Lay in bed
Stay with me
Hold me down
Control me

I have always run
I know nothing but packed bags
And overnight stays
I need some stability

Is that safe for me to say

I want more than I will ever say
I look back at countless mistakes
Dead end after dead end
That nearly destroyed me
But stars they die
And yet the night sky
Still manages to stay

I want something tangible
I want your hand to hold
I don’t know what the future is
I was never taught
I was never told
Forever is a fairy tale
But I have always loved stories
Forever is in the stars

The wind that shakes me
The rain that would hit my face
When I was doing nothing but pushing a board down suburban streets at a hellish pace
When I didn’t understand consequence
When I wanted to know love
My wheels would slip and my feet would skid on pavement
And all I could ever think was you can’t stop
You’re going to make it


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