Cliche & Corny

There are these kids. These kids that I know. They give life all they’ve got. They slack off more than anyone I know. These kids man these kids get so fucked up. They drink and they rage. They lock themselves away. The write and create. They forgot how to love. But I am pretty sure they forgot how to hate. I don’t know if what we’re doing makes sense. I guess I’d judge us. If I didn’t know us. But then again why are we all so stuck on trying to figure everyone out. I haven’t given up. No one ever told us that living was a sickness. I thought I was running towards nothing. But maybe that was always the point. I see no end but I’m always thinking about it. The. So scared of dying. Drunk off living. But they say – every morning is a new beginning.

I prefer you shut off the lights.


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