If You’re From Africa, Why Are You White?

Being a promoter and MC I know a little bit about the behind the scenes work of throwing a party or event. One of the biggest things you toy around with is your event’s name. It has to be catchy, has to attract a buzz, maybe even in a word tell potential guest EXACTY what to expect. For instance if a party is simply called Rave I’m not expecting a queer book club meeting. Naming parties can actually be a major pain in the ass, you want to stand out without sounding corny, you want to be witty or ironic without being offensive. Essentially you want to have people captivated and stay away from pissing them off.

But of course you’re always going to piss someone off. Throw a party, ANY party and I promise at some point along the line, someone is going to say something about literally anything. It’s the nature of the game.

I’m not one to be easily offended, especially in the party scene. Much like the art world I feel like parties are a space for some of the wall creation to go down. You’re going out to let loose after all. Whoever you are the next day at work, means nothing the night before on the dance floor. You are out to be the person you aren’t (unless you’re one lucky son of a bitch) allowed to be during the weekly grind.

Brooklyn is the epicenter of some absolutely crazy parties. From warehouses to basements to rooftops Brooklyn simply knows how to get down. And keep it FRESH. The queer community dominates when it comes to excess and extremes. But sometimes my fine queers we push the line a little too far.

White Diamond has changed the name of their next party to: Blood Diamond. Where the dress code is (no not your favorite warlord): red. Which like…I’m always down for a good theme party. But. Guys really?

White kids throwing a party called Blood Diamond seems a tad bit insensitive to me. Ok, more than a tad bit. Look I get it – it’s a party where everyone wears red. Got that. Ate it. Swallowed it. But still couldn’t stomach it. Especially seeing as in the event info it lists:


A blood diamond is a diamond whose sale is used to fund rebel groups and warlords. They are mined in war zones mainly in Africa.

So like listing the words: fire, heat, blood, blades, guns, dirt, fireball, diamonds, whitehot, alarm, alert, and burn when your party is called BLOOD DIAMOND is a bad fucking idea. Also you know putting “yay” in between “fireball” and “diamond” may not be the wisest seeing as there have been over 3 million deaths contributed to these conflict diamonds. Oh and workers make about 7 cents. A DAY.Yay indeed.

With those said above facts – this event flier kind of makes you feel the uncomfortable feels huh?


For some stats on blood diamonds, which are also called Conflict Diamonds click here:


3 thoughts on “If You’re From Africa, Why Are You White?”

  1. Hi all, I’ve publicly stated this on Facebook but wanted to clear the air here as well. In light of recent activity on an event i’m producing I wanted to take the opportunity to express my deep consideration for what everyone has written. I certainly do not ever want to isolate anyone in the community. This party and every party I do is for anyone and everyone who wants to dance hard and have fun. I pride myself on creating unique, open, safe spaces for everyone in our amazing community. The intention of this monthly party and any other work I do is never to provoke violence or racism in its theme or energies. I’ve taken into account the implications and hope that the underlying theme of community, dress color, and dance remains the focus of this party and more. I’ve changed the name of the party to reflect the true intent, as it has always been. A dress-code and dress-color themed party. Let’s RAGE. Together.

  2. […] I see Facebook invites flash across my Timeline, I see white promoter after white promoter creating spaces that are exclusionary in neighborhoods that have never seen white LGBTQ people before. YET do not include those who live there. I see them mindlessly engaging in cultural appropriation or even worse using the plights of black people has HALARIOUS promotion tools. Most notably done here: https://queergrub.wordpress.com/2013/09/09/if-youre-from-africa-why-are-you-white/ […]

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