Maniac Monday

You may want to get out your hand sanitizer for after you get done reading this. Because I promise you that you’re hands will itch. Actually just be ready to take a shower and not give your number to anyone this week.

Straight up Crazy Cocoa Puffs

Shit. And here I was thinking that lesbians were crazy. This Monday I would like all of us to be thankful that this mess isn’t in our lives. Stage five
clinger does not even begin to cover it. There was a moment in there where I felt sorry for this JJ. But than well, her stalker cat tactics snuck in. Dude did learn his lesson though, betcha that one night stand sure as shit wasn’t worth it. Watch who you pick up at bars. Watch.

He and this dude should get together and exchange stories. Though this guy is just on the unfortunate end of someone at a bar giving a stage five clinger the wrong number. His.

So wrong it’s right.

Pure. Maniac. Hilarity.