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While waiting on SCOTUS to make decisions on Prop 8 and DOMA, I took the time to dive into some of the other cases that they were deciding on this week. Two of which struck me the hardest. The first was the VRA and the second was Fisher vs. The University of Texas (which whhhewwww white America we need to talk) As a black person and otherwise minority (queer, genderqueer, Jew, etc etc) the Supreme Courts decision on the VRA felt a little bit like a punch in the gut.

What is the VRA?

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 (42 U.S.C. §§ 1973–1973aa-6)is a landmark piece of national legislation in the United States that outlawed discriminatory voting practices that had been responsible for the widespread disenfranchisement of African Americans in the U.S.
Echoing the language of the 15th Amendment, the Act prohibits states from imposing any “voting qualification or prerequisite to voting, or standard, practice, or procedure … to deny or abridge the right of any citizen of the United States to vote on account of race or color.”Specifically, Congress intended the Act to outlaw the practice of requiring otherwise qualified voters to pass literacy tests in order to register to vote, a principal means by which Southern states had prevented African Americans from exercising the franchise.The Act was signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson, who had earlier signed the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 into law.
The Act established extensive federal oversight of elections administration, providing that states with a history of discriminatory voting practices (so-called “covered jurisdictions”) could not implement any change affecting voting without first obtaining the approval of the Department of Justice, a process known as preclearance. These enforcement provisions applied to states and political subdivisions (mostly in the South) that had used a “device” to limit voting and in which less than 50 percent of the population was registered to vote in 1964. The Act has been renewed and amended by Congress four times, the most recent being a 25-year extension signed into law by President George W. Bush in 2006.
The Act is widely considered a landmark in civil-rights legislation.

The VRA made it so that there would be less voter suppression. By striking it down it now becomes easier to suppress certain voters. Ie; minorities, poor people, immigrants, and the elderly. So. Basically a win for all white rich conservatives. THANKS AGAIN GUYS. Texas wasted absolutely NO TIME in using this towards their favor.
The strict photo ID requirement blocked by the DOJ and a federal court would require Texans to show one of a very narrow list of acceptable photo IDs. Expired gun licenses from other states are considered valid, but Social Security cards and student IDs are not. If voters do not have an ID — as many minorities, seniors, and poor people do not — they must travel at their own expense, produce their birth certificate, and in many cases pay a fee to get an ID.


What is Fisher vs. The University of Texas about you may ask?

If the Supreme Court is ruling on it, it’s probably a super important big deal right? Like gay marriage? Yeah you would think. Fisher is Abigail Fisher a white woman (girl?) who was denied entry to The University of Texas, and chose to get fucking heated at Affirmative Action because of her rejection. Remember the college application process you guys? It was all kinds of shits and giggles. You had your eye set on one school, no matter how many others you applied to, there was only one letter that actually mattered to you. And on the day that letter came your emotions were going to go one of two ways. There were either going to be ecstatic happy leaps, or a face plant into your bed. Those were pretty much your only options, because you are a sane human person. Rejection sucks, but it is a fucking part of life. Well Abigail Fisher decided that her rejection was actually worse then your rejection because you see she is white, and her spot no doubt went to some black person just because you know THEY’RE BLACK. So what did little privileged Abigail do? Her and mommy and daddy went to their lawyers and got this fucking shit all the way to SCOTUS. Which like, as parents isn’t this the time you tell your kid to maybe stop being such a brat and accept the fact that not everyone get’s what they want? She had a 3.5 GPA. Which, I am no Dumbledore at math or anything but is .5 points away from a 4.0 which means that well Abi isn’t exactly perfect.


White people like to get good and fucking angry about Affirmative Action, but skate on by when it comes to legacies. You know that system in place in many colleges across the country that gives priority to those who have had families who have gone there in the past? Let us break this down REAL QUICK. Brown vs. The Board of Education happened in 1954. In 1962 the first black student was enrolled in The University of Mississippi. Soooo how many African American kids enrolling in school TODAY exactly can have legacies? Right. But Affirmative Action is unfair. Totally.

Don’t even.

Civil rights are something that we (society) have either been fighting for, or against since we could segregate ourselves. My parents grew up in a time when blacks and whites lived in a very different United States. My grandparents lived and fought in a war that tried to rid the world of Jews forever. And now our generation is fighting for the equality of LGBTQ people. And today we moved two steps closer to not being seen as 2nd class citizens.

As a black person, I have always known that America is not fair when it comes to race. Or shall I say, we have not come to a point where racism is no longer an issue. Of course I did not have to go through what my ancestors or even my aunts and uncles growing up in the 50’s and 60’s had to endure and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for fighting so that I could one day not worry about walking into the front door of a restaurant or sitting anywhere in a movie theatre or a bus. It is almost impossible for me to wrap my head around the thought that when my parents were kids they went to segregate schools. My parents are white. They were raised in a time of segregation, grew up, and adopted a black kid, who then in turn turned out to be gay. My grandparents grew up having to hear words like kike, and Jew said with disgust. My grandfathers fought in a war that sought to end their existence. They won. And now they have a grandchild who can just about say the same for gay marriage.

I knew that regardless of my families background the decisions on DOMA and Prop 8 would strike me, I mean how could they not? It is such a hard thing to vocalize. This feeling. I look back on my families history and all I see is a fight. There has not been one generation that hasn’t had to fight for the right to be seen as an equal. It finally seems like new generations will be born in a truly open and accepting world, well at least here in America.

This country is by no means perfect. But we have been moving towards equality since we began. There have always been those trying to stifle the rights of others and there have always been and I am certain will always be those who won’t shut up until they are heard and seen as equals. And today I can say that as a black, Jewish, gender queer, gay individual one less weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Thank you to everyone who has fought, and thank you to everyone who will continue to make sure equality is not just a slogan on bumper stickers, but an actual practice that all of our children never have to question.

Happy PRIDE everyone.



Homosexuality: Religions Eternal Scapegoat

The resignation of the Pope, has brought to light (yet again) charges of sex crimes against minors in the Catholic Church. The Pope, by staying inside the Vaticans walls is protected from the law, thus avoiding having to go to trial for his crimes.

You have to be fucking kidding me.

But wait. It gets better. The front runner in the search for the next pope Cardinal Peter Turkson says that the problem isn’t that the church is filled with men who are pedophiles no, the problem is the church is filled with homosexuals! The church has a gay problem. Because you see, liking the same sex CLEARLY means that you only like little boys. Never mind what statistics and science say.

Turkson is from the continent of Africa, a continent FILLED with a Big Gulp serving size of hate for gay people. In fact Turkson claims that the problem of homosexuality doesn’t exist where he resides! Being gay is a regional thing you guys!

“African traditional systems kind of protect or have protected its population against this tendency,” he said. “Because in several communities, in several cultures in Africa homosexuality or for that matter any affair between two sexes of the same kind are not countenanced in our society.”

Summary: We have no problem killing those we suspect to be gay in Africa oh and in many of our poorer countries the men of the clergy have more money then any of their congregation therefore they can get away with a shit ton more because you know local law enforcement is basically in their pocket.

While I would usually be all for a black leader rising to power in a place where he is overwhelmingly outnumbered by white men Turkson you need to turn the fuck around.

The Catholic Church does not want you to believe that the problem here, is the fact that hundreds of men, on glorified power trips no less are not permitted to have sex. The Church will continue to use homosexuality as a scapegoat instead of coming to terms with the very REAL fact that many of its members have been lead into believing sex with children is ok – it isn’t much o a stretch to conclude that many of these men were probably abused as young children themselves. They are perpetuating a cycle that they grew up with and continue as they age.

Your sexuality has nothing to do with who you choose to sleep with; if you are a lesbian, you don’t automatically want to fuck all women. If you are a gay man you are not conditioned to like children. Pedophilia and homosexuality are not branches on the same fucking tree. The fact that you are gay does not make you a pedophile AND if that was somehow the case wouldn’t lesbian nuns also be guilty of the same crimes?
Wait hold on what’s that you say American Psychological Association?: “Homosexual men are not more likely to sexually abuse children than heterosexual men are.”

Science? Is that you?

So the Catholic Church would like you to simultaneously believe: that all men who abuse children are gay, one of their Cardinals is directly telling you that the European section of the church has too many gay members, yet not only does Pope Benedict really, really, REALLY dislike like gay people he also laughs at the thought that they could exist within the church.

Hmmm. So. I’m confused. Sounds like you guys are confused. Maybe you should all settle on the same story?

On the most basic level of simple understanding, have we not watched enough episodes of SVU or Dateline to realize that there is no correlation between being gay and being a sex offender? No but really. If you have the capacity to rape it isn’t because you do or do not have a wife, it has to do with you being a sick individual. In the church’s case, it has to do with you being a sick individual who also knows that you are protected. You can live out your perverse, sickening life knowing that you literally won’t have to answer to anyone. The abuse of power is so monumental that it is sickening.

The amount of hold the Catholic Church has on society is also tremendously sickening. If these revelations had come about in the Muslim faith do you not see the uproar it would cause? To think that race and class do not have anything to do with this is beyond naive. It is also disgusting. The church will continue to perpetuate false, ACTIVELY FALSE statements about homosexuality to protect not just their religion BUT clearly what has been accepted by the clergy as means of sexual fulfillment.

Whether or not the church would like to continuously use homosexuality as the answer to why this is happening it is still fucking happening. Meaning something has to change. For the rest of the world when we do something wrong we have to face consequences. We have to come to terms with what we have done and own our faults or lapses in judgement we have to apologize and grow. Sometimes we have to go to jail, or rehab, against our will in order to eventually be accepted back into society. Why do we have to be held responsible, yet men who are supposed to be holy, men who are supposed to be the closest thing we have to God on Earth, why do they get a free pass?

Same Love

So a few weeks ago, I posted this amazing video calling out for gay marriage. As we all know, the rap world has never been known as a place where gay people were made to feel accepted; this song shatters that perception in one fell swoop. What it also does is simply, clearly, and beautify make a statement about gay marriage and equality in general.

Nothing else is currently summing up how ridiculously happy I am about last nights election results. Press play. And listen along whilst you read.

Gay marriage passed in every state it was up for vote in.

We also elected the FIRST lesbian member of the senate. Oh and marijuana was legalized in Washington and Colorado. Every rape smack talking douche bag got beaten. And. AND. AND Obama was like Mittens please.

We are living in a time of such change, of such momentum. We are rewriting history. Right now. All of us are are in this amazing position to DO SOMETHING to make real change happen. Breathe that in friends. All around us our country is changing. And it is changing for the better. It is no longer hard to imagine that in a few years gay marriage will not have the pretext “gay” in front of it. I will be able to have kids with my spouse and not think a damn thing about it. We will have rights. They will have rights. And we will be seen as equals. I have never loved the taste of my tears more then right now.

Joe Biden sees transgender rights as a thing. As in he cares. As in on the vice president of The United States of America’s agenda is making sure trans people have equal rights. LIKE WHAT? And our president cares about women’s rights as if he had ovaries himself. Do you get this? Do you see what is going on all around you? Liberation. Acceptance. Politicians not acting like asshats, whose only focus is making money and bettering their friends. New generations will be born and be welcomed to a country that as a majority accepts them for who they are. Who they were born as. Who knows if I was born gay. Who cares. I was born into a world that would both turn its back on me and hold me close. If you aren’t gay, don’t say that this fight for equality isn’t yours. It is yours. Any form of oppression should be up for battle by everyone and anyone who has a heart;who knows that no one should have to face hate because of who they can not help but be. Your voice should never be stifled. Who you love should never be put into question by anyone else.

I know better than to think that everyone is on the bandwagon of unicorns, glitter and rainbows. But so much of the fucking country is. And that is worth celebrating about.

We did it.

No One Ever Likes Wearing Mittens

So the election is finally upon us, and like ITS TIME TO VOTE I can no longer assume that anyone is dumb enough to vote for Mitt Romney, mainly because when I think about how close the polls are I actually want to gay vomit.

I’m not quite sure if glitter would come out but I am sure if glitter was what I puked it would be the saddest glitter that has ever been gay spewed. We’re talking the comic sans of glitter people. OBAMA HAS TO WIN. Like seriously. Think of all of the shit that would happen if Romney wins. Heart warming shit like:

– Large tax cuts for the wealthy;
– Large deficits since the tax cuts will not be paid for (and the math won’t add up)
– Cuts in funding for the social safety net;
– A large scale repeal of government regulation on the banks with little or no protection for consumers;
– A down turn in the economy since we would go back to the policies of George W. Bush;
– the country being run like Bain Capital
– Women who wanted abortions being forced to choose between having the baby against her will, or having illegal abortions in unsanitary conditions;
-A repeat of conditions like Katrina the next time a natural disaster strikes since Romney would have turned over responsibility to the states and private industry;
-An increase in the number of the uninsured since the Affordable Care Act will be repealed;
-Many Americans being denied insurance coverage because they have pre-existing conditions (again because of the repeal of the Affordable Care Act);
-A private rather than public medicare system (with many seniors lacking basic health care since they were unable to afford healthcare due to the increased costs under the voucher system);
-One or more conservative justices joining Scalia, Alito, Thomas, and Roberts;
-A deterioration in our relationship with other nations since President Romney would lack any diplomatic skill;
-The likelihood that we would have been involved in one or more wars abroad
-An increase in funding to defense contractors;
-No effort to try to stop global warming.

Via Daily Kos


Think about it like this: If Mitt Romney wins this election and then is re-elected for another term there will be no gay marriage for at LEAST 8 years. Woman will lose the right of abortion, AND a good number of women will also lose the support of Planned Parenthood for any and all health issues BECAUSE Mittens doesn’t think Planned Parenthood should exist BECAUSE Mittens actually hates women. Gays and women actually. Oh and immigrants. And poor people. And unions. And all other minorities except for that minority that is the 1%. He loves that minority.
Also if you’re any other branch of the LGBT tree expect a serious “I don’t give a fuck attitude” coming your way over the next 4 years. Trans rights under The Romney administration? Shut. Your. Atheist. Mouth.

So you need to get out and vote. And maybe yell at all of your friends to do so as well. And maybe just stand outside of polling centers and yell up at the sky. Do a rain dance (actually no in hindsight don’t you dare do that)
Do this instead:

And remember:

Plus like for real. Obama is adorable. You can’t even deny it. LOOK AT THAT FACE.



So this happened:

And then this happened:

I think it’s safe to say that not only does Donald Trump have the worst hair on the planet, but he’s also a racist bully. When has it ever occurred in our history, that someone with as much status as Trump was openly so disrespectful to THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES? Birth certificate + college apps and passport records? Who the fuck do you think you are you pompous piece of shit? Who died and made you the keeper of American’s wants and dreams? The FBI and the CIA are in place for a reason, and last time I checked you are the director of neither. Also the time is going to come when more immigrants live here then folks actually born here, we are going to as a country have to open up the conversation to allowing immigrants to occupy the highest office in the country. I know. Shock. Terrifying. But in the meantime Mr. Trump, I’d like to punch you in the face. Wait, no that’s a lie. You sir. I would like to roundhouse kick in the jugular. Go fly a kite.

In other. Happier. Gay news. Listen to the best radio spot ever to exist. EVER.

Grab A Bag of Tissues

So apparently the media really wants us all to cry and accept gay marriage. Which I’m ok with.

Well minus the tears part.

Expedia really hit a serious home run with this. They showed how I think a lot of parents feel when one of their kids comes out. They hit the hammer on the head so hard that I sent my dad a seriously sappy email. Be prepared to do the same.

Serious props.

Give a Fuck

Separation of Church and…o wait I forgot that down south little things like the constitution don’t matter. Call me a Northerner with bias. Actually call me whatever the fuck you want I’m not a fan of the politics down south. Not the politics now, not the politics a hundred years ago. Yes I know bigotry exists everywhere it just seems to have set up camp in the southern states. From slavery to Jim Crow to gay marriage, the south kinda sorta sucks when it comes to human rights. Try and tell me different and I will gay punch you.

It is of absolutely no shock to me that this amendment passed. Come on you aren’t shocked. Angry yes. Shocked? No way. We all just watched as Rick Santorum had a serious run and good shot at winning the GOP nod for president. If people were voting for that fool people are voting against gay marriage. It’s idiot arithmetic. What is shocking about today is that (hold onto your seats) PRESIDENT OBAMA FINALLY CAME OUT IN SUPPORT FOR GAY MARRIAGE I mean it only took him a full fucking term. But he is the first president to ever do so. EVER. So serious cheers are in honor. For real. Thank you Obama.

“I’ve always been adamant that gay and lesbian Americans should be treated fairly,” Obama told Roberts, in an interview that will air in full on ABC’s “Good Morning America” Thursday.

“I have to tell you that over the course of several years as I have talked to friends and family and neighbors when I think about members of my own staff who are in incredibly committed monogamous relationships, same-sex relationships, who are raising kids together, when I think about those soldiers or airmen or marines or sailors who are out there fighting on my behalf and yet feel constrained, even now that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is gone, because they are not able to commit themselves in a marriage, at a certain point I’ve just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married,” he said. -Huffington Post

With that said why the flying fuck did it take you so long? The past four years have seen so much movement in the gay rights spectrum yet you have remained mum. Joe Biden stepped up. Tens of Republicans stepped up (against it) but you sir, you were silent. What gives? As a black man you understand what it can be like to be hated before you even open your mouth. Racism and homophobia are this countries achilles heels. We’ve obviously made huge strides in the racism department but it does still linger in our countries past.

A lot of people do not want homophobia compared to racism, but I see little difference. The same hate that I have received for being black I have received for being gay. Different words that mean the same thing: I hate you for who you are. In the 50’s and 60’s both black and white Americans got angry. They saw what racism was doing to this country. What it would continue to do to this country. They united and spoke out. They were arrested, beaten, held in cells for days,THEY DIED. People died for your rights. What have you done for gay rights? What are you willing to do to ensure that our children can marry whomever they choose? Are you angry? Are you angry enough? Do you care enough? Start.

I’m not asking the gays to create an army equipped with glitter bazookas and plaid pistols. But I am asking you as an individual whether you are gay or straight to give a fuck.